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    We offer a huge selection of both pre-engineered and custom designed Georgia shade products. Our industrial shade structures are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship, capable of standing up to hurricane force wind loads and blocking up to 95% of harmful U.V radiation. Shade structures provide a safe and cool environment for outdoor activities. No outdoor area can truly be enjoyed when the sun is beaming down on you, making the area uncomfortable. Georgia shade structures create an outdoor environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but allows for more functionality.

    A Shade Solution for Every Space in Georgia

    We offer a variety of different styles of shade structures to accommodate your needs. We offer shades that are ideal for playgrounds, parking areas, seating areas, sporting areas, patios and more. Whether it’s a shade structure to cover a playground, or a shade structure for bleachers, shade structures are a must have for the hot summer months. No matter what area you are looking to shade, we have a shade solution for you! Our custom shade structures are designed to meet your needs and specifications, including size and color. Most of our shade structures can be ready for installation in less than a week in Georgia.

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    We needed several shade structures for our sports complex. Pro Playgrounds was able to design several shades that fit perfectly. The handled everything including the permitting and installation. The kids and parents love the new shades. – Daniel C.

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    Georgia Sail Shade Structures

    Georgia sail shades are custom designed to fit your outdoor area. The beauty and uniqueness of a custom sail shade is unmatched. Shade sails provide another dimension that is aesthetically pleasing whilst keeping us all protected from the harsh sun. We work with the industry’s top sun shade sail manufacturers to provide our clients with the highest quality sail shades available, custom tailored to meet your needs and budget.

    Georgia Square and Rectangle Hip Shades

    Our commercial-grade square and rectangle shade structures are designed to provide maximum protection and durability. Featuring robust frames made of powder-coated steel, these structures offer exceptional strength and longevity. Our square and rectangle shade structures are ideal for various settings, including playgrounds, parks, and outdoor recreational areas in Georgia. With their combination of safety, durability, and UV protection, these shade structures are a reliable choice for any outdoor space.

    Georgia Cantilever Shades & Umbrella Shades

    Our commercial-grade cantilever shades and umbrella shade structures are the perfect solution for providing ample shade while minimizing the number of posts in Georgia. Constructed with powder-coated steel frames, these commercial-grade shade structures combine affordability, functionality, and durability. Their unique design minimizes the number of posts required, providing unobstructed space and ease of installation. With their cost-effectiveness and robust construction, our umbrella and cantilever shade structures are an excellent choice for playgrounds, parks, and recreational areas.

    Georgia Shade Structure Installation Services

    Installing a Georgia commercial shade structure can be a difficult task, requiring knowledge of construction principals and engineering, in many cases it may also require the use of heavy equipment. Additionally, almost every shade structure or shelter will require both permitting and engineering to make sure that it is safe and building code compliant. We have installed over 1000 shade structures of all shapes and sizes across the United States. Our team of expert installers will make sure that your shade structure is installed correctly and looks beautiful.