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    Shock absorbing protective surfacing around and under the playground has been shown to greatly reduce the likelihood of head injuries to children. Pro Playgrounds offers every type of playground surfacing available, including poured in place rubber playground surfacing, rubber mulch, poured in place rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber playground mulch (EWF) and others. We only sell the highest quality playground and recreational surfacing products, all made here in the United States.

    Pro Playgrounds provides turnkey playground safety surfacing installation services to our clients. The most important thing on a playground other than fun is safety. Properly installed playground surfacing not only makes a playground look fantastic, it greatly improves playground safety. All of our playground surfacing installations are completed by licensed playground safety inspectors, who will confirm that your new playground surfacing is compliant with playground safety regulations including ASTM and CPSC. We offer and install a variety of playground safety surfacing products, manufactured by the best in the industry.

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    Certified Products

    All of our surfacing products are third party certified to meet CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA standards for quality.

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    No Guess Work

    Our playground surfacing experts will design the perfect system for you, taking care of the details for you.

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    Safety Guaranteed

    All of our surfacing products are tested to make sure the meet or exceed ASTM, IPEMA and CPSC safety requirements.

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    Professional Installation

    Guaranteed hassle free professional playground surfacing installation by our licensed and experienced surfacing installers.

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    Playground Safety Surfacing Installation Services

    Playground Surfacing Installation Services We Offer:

    • Poured in place rubber playground safety surfacing installation.
    • Rubber mulch playground safety surfacing installation.
    • Bonded rubber mulch playground safety surfacing installation.
    • Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) playground safety surfacing installation.

    Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing Installation

    Poured in place rubber playground safety surfacing is both beautiful and durable. The key to a great poured in place rubber surface that lasts is expert installation and quality product, at Pro Playgrounds we provide both. We are able to do intricate designs and beautiful custom layout using our poured in place rubber products. All of our poured in place rubber surfacing installations are ADA compliant and meet or exceed ASTM 1292 standards. It is important that only professionals install your poured in place rubber playground surfacing, ensuring that the proper base materials, slopes, products and drainage have been considered.

    Rubber Mulch Playground Surfacing Installation

    Rubber mulch is a fantastic option for playground safety surfacing. It is made of 100% recycled products, is antimicrobial and comes in a variety of colors. The key to a great rubber mulch playground surfacing installation is proper base preparation and utilization of the correct weed barrier prior to installation

    Playground and Recreational Surfacing Products

    Playground and Recreational Surfacing Products We Offer:

    • Poured in place rubber products including SBR, EPDM and binders.
    • ADA rubber playground mulch in a variety of colors.
    • Engineered wood fiber mulch (EWF).
    • Artificial turf and synthetic grass surfacing products.

    Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing

    Poured in place rubber playground surfacing is the newest and greatest innovation in playground surfacing to date. Poured in place rubber takes all of the strengths of traditional rubber mulch and has none of the weaknesses of a loose fill. Using a unique two step process, poured in place rubber consists of two layers. The bottom layer is composed of shredded rubber, the top layer of colorful rubber granules. The rubber is joined with a polyurethane binder.
    Once the layers have dried and appropriately cured, the result is a smooth solid surface with the same impact absorbing properties as rubber mulch; without the hassle of a loose fill playground surfacing material. Poured in place rubber allows for intricate designs, patterns, lines and curves; as well as inlaid images and shapes. Poured in place rubber is by far the most attractive playground surface currently available. Poured in place rubber is known to last in excess of 20 + years.

    Benefits of Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing:

    • Seamless, slip resistant, drains quickly & easy to maintain with proven durability.
    • ASTM & ADA approved, with no choking hazard.
    • Can be installed both indoors and out.
    • Amazing resistance to the elements and UV.
    • Unparalleled visual appeal and customization options.
    • Will not wash out like traditional playground surfaces.

    Rubber Mulch for Playground Surfacing

    Aside from poured in place rubber playground surfacing, rubber mulch is in a league of its own. Rubber mulch is truly a perfect material for playground surfacing and is also very environmentally friendly. We would love to provide you with samples so that you can see for yourself why we think so highly of rubber mulch. When it comes time to make a decision about surfacing on your playground, we always recommend rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is a solid investment and will provide maximum safety and injury prevention.

    Rubber Playground Mulch Benefits:

    • Rubber mulch is a green product made of 100% recycled materials.
    • Rubber mulch has the highest impact absorption ratio of any playground surfacing material currently available on the market; 3″ of rubber mulch has the same impact absorption rating as 6″ + of wood mulch.
    • Rubber mulch is not susceptible to the elements, UV, pests or fungus like traditional wood mulch.
    • Rubber mulch has little or no annual replacement costs like traditional wood mulch.
    • Rubber mulch is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Rubber mulch is available in a variety of traditional and also vibrant colors that bring life to the playground and existing landscape.
    • Rubber mulch commonly lasts in excess of 20+ years and is not biodegradable like traditional wood mulch.

    Pro Playgrounds is your source for rubber playground mulch. We offer a variety of different color choices for our rubber mulch, and packaging options ranging from 40lb bags, to 2000lb super sacks and even entire semi truck loads of our rubber mulch playground surfacing products. Our rubber mulch products use true color technology to ensure that the mulch color will never rub off on clothes or fade over time. Our rubber mulch can be same day shipped directly to you, allowing us or you to complete the entire rubber mulch process, from order to installation in less than 48hrs.

    Playground Surfacing Color Options

    Rubber Mulch Color Options

    Mulch Colors

    Poured in Place Rubber Color Options

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    Answers to Common Playground Surfacing Questions

    How much does poured in place rubber playground surfacing cost, can you give me a ballpark price?

    There are a lot of factors that affect the price of a poured in place surfacing system. The price can vary drastically depending on what sub surface is used, how thick the system needs to be, colors and site preparation requirements just to name a few. The best thing to do would be to let us provide a quote for you so that we make sure you are getting accurate pricing.

    Does poured in place rubber get hot in the sunlight?

    Yes, poured in place rubber will get hot when exposed for long periods to heat and sunlight. It does not retain heat however in the way that other surfaces would, like for instance asphalt.

    How long does poured in place rubber surfacing last?

    There are a variety of factors that will affect how long a poured in place rubber surfacing system will last, the most important of these being the quality of the product, the experience of the installer, UV exposure and maintenance. The average life span for most surfaces is around 10 years.

    Variety of Playground Surfacing Products

    rubber mulch playground surfacing

    Rubber Mulch Surfacing

    Rubber is an affordable and low maintenance surfacing option for your playground areas.

    artificial turf playground surfacing

    Artificial Turf Surfacing

    Artificial turf is an excellent low maintenance surface for your playground.

    poured in place rubber playground surfacing

    Poured in Place Rubber

    Poured in place rubber playground surfacing provides a seamless ADA compliant safety surface.

    bonded rubber mulch playground surfacing

    Bonded Rubber Mulch

    A hybrid of poured in place and rubber mulch, bonded rubber gives you the best of both.

    engineered wood fiber mulch playground surfacing

    Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch

    Engineered wood fiber mulch is a fantastic cost effective surface for your playground areas.

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