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Rectangle Hanging Cantilever Shade Structure

  • Brand: SII
  • SKU:RC-1

Presenting our innovative commercial-grade rectangle hanging column cantilever shade structures, also known as sun sail shades. Redefining outdoor spaces with modern design and durability, they optimize shade coverage while minimizing post interference. Ideal for car and parking shade solutions, they blend practicality with aesthetics. Crafted from powder-coated steel and UV-blocking HDPE fabric, they provide 90% UV protection. Compliant with local codes and hurricane-rated, they seamlessly combine safety and robustness. Tailored for playgrounds, parks, and diverse outdoor commercial settings, they exemplify our commitment to excellence. These structures elevate comfort and aesthetics, accommodating bespoke designs for a transformative outdoor experience.

Don’t see what you need here? Additional sizes and configurations available, we can custom design a structure to meet your needs. Call 1-800-573-7529


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    Rectangle Hanging Cantilever Commercial Shade Structure

    Commercial Shade Structures for Playgrounds, Parks and Other Outdoor Spaces

    Introducing an innovative shade solution that redefines outdoor comfort and aesthetics – our exceptional commercial-grade rectangle hanging column cantilever shade structures, widely known as sun sail shades. These structures stand as a testament to modern design and durability, catering to a diverse range of outdoor commercial environments, including playgrounds, parks, and more. Seamlessly blending form and function, these shade structures revolutionize the concept of permanent outdoor shade solutions.

    Central to the appeal of these commercial shade structures is their ingenious cantilever design, meticulously crafted to provide expansive shade coverage while minimizing any interference from posts and columns. This architectural innovation ensures unobstructed spaces beneath the canopy, creating an environment where both utility and beauty seamlessly coexist. Suspended from overhead, the unique hanging column design offers an unmatched visual appeal, while the cantilevered structure optimizes shaded areas.

    Crafted with unwavering dedication to quality, the frames of these shade structures are meticulously fashioned from powder-coated steel. This not only imparts exceptional strength but also endows them with robust resistance against rust, ensuring longevity even in the face of adverse weather conditions. The robust foundation of these structures underscores their commercial-grade distinction, standing as a testament to meticulous engineering and enduring resilience.

    An integral feature of these shade structures is the application of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric, a technological marvel that encapsulates both sun protection and comfort. With the ability to block up to 90% of harmful UV rays, these shade structures offer a haven of safety beneath their expansive canopies. This feature not only ensures the well-being of those seeking refuge under the shade but also underscores our steadfast commitment to fostering secure and inviting outdoor environments. Whether it’s a vibrant playground resonating with children’s laughter or a tranquil park inviting relaxation, our shade structures create a canvas for memorable experiences.

    Embedded within our ethos is an unwavering emphasis on safety and compliance. Each shade structure in our repertoire is meticulously designed to meet local building codes, ensuring a seamless integration into your chosen locations. Additionally, these structures proudly possess a hurricane rating, providing an added layer of confidence in their ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. This harmonious fusion of durability and safety underscores our unwavering dedication to offering top-tier solutions that transcend expectations.

    Versatility is at the core of our offerings. Our commercial-grade rectangle hanging column cantilever shade structures are uniquely suited for applications such as car and parking shade structures, providing optimal coverage while minimizing any visual obstructions. Beyond functionality, their distinctive hanging column design adds an artistic flair to outdoor spaces. Moreover, customization takes center stage, enabling us to tailor these shade structures to meet your specific needs. This bespoke approach underscores our adaptability and commitment to bringing your vision to life.

    In conclusion, our commercial-grade rectangle hanging column cantilever shade structures epitomize excellence in design, functionality, and safety. These shade structures transcend conventional norms, becoming symbols of innovation and resilience in outdoor commercial spaces. From playgrounds abuzz with children’s joy to serene parks beckoning relaxation, our shade structures create sanctuaries of comfort and security. Crafted from powder-coated steel, fortified to resist rust and weather challenges, and adorned with HDPE fabric that shields against harmful UV rays, these structures stand as beacons of our unwavering dedication to quality. Fully compliant with local building codes and fortified with hurricane resistance, they offer peace of mind alongside unparalleled shade. The versatility in size, height, and customization further underscores our commitment to fulfilling diverse needs. Welcome to a realm where commercial shade structures aren’t just constructs; they’re meticulously curated experiences.

    Don’t see what you need here? Additional sizes and configurations available, we can custom design a structure to meet your needs. Call 1-800-573-7529
    Weight: 1400-2100 LBS
    • Commercial Grade
    • Hurricane Rated, Meets Building Codes
    • Blocks 90% of U.V.
    • Custom Options Available
    • Post and Frame: Powder Coated High Strength Steel
    • Fabric: HDPE Fabric
    • Cable: Galvanized
    Shipping: Freight