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Celestial Channel

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PFN014
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The Celestial Channel Net Climber is a state-of-the-art commercial playground equipment that combines physical activity and social interaction. Made from durable materials like nylon-covered steel ropes and galvanized steel bars, it can safely support multiple children simultaneously. This outdoor activity climber helps develop spatial awareness and grip strength while encouraging friendships through shared play. Featuring two spinners for variety and an eye-catching design customizable to match any playground’s color scheme, the Celestial Channel promises a captivating play experience. Enrich the children’s outdoor activities with this remarkable commercial playground climber and provide them an unforgettable play experience.


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    Celestial Channel Net Commercial Playground Climber

    Commercial Playground Climber

    Step into the future of outdoor play with the Celestial Channel Net Climber. Our state-of-the-art commercial playground equipment combines the thrill of physical activity with a stellar design, creating an experience that kids can’t resist.

    As a playground developer or manager, you’re always looking for new ways to engage children and enrich their playtime. The Celestial Channel, a standout among commercial playground climbers, could be your answer.

    Constructed from resilient materials like nylon-covered steel ropes and galvanized steel bars, the Celestial Channel is designed to bear the weight of several children at once, promising both safety and durability. The sturdy construction of this freestanding playground climbing equipment, unlike any other, ensures it stands up to the rigorous demands of energetic play without showing signs of wear and tear.

    Climbing is a fantastic outdoor activity for children that helps in developing vital skills. The Celestial Channel Net Climber elevates this outdoor activity climber’s potential by helping children improve their spatial awareness and grip strength. Plus, the design incorporates two spinner features at one end, providing a delightful variation for those kids who want a breather from climbing.

    The high-capacity design doesn’t just facilitate physical activity—it fosters social interaction too. By enabling multiple kids to play at once, the Celestial Channel becomes a hub for friendships and healthy socialization. This dynamic aspect of our commercial playground climber sets it apart, promoting cooperation and shared enjoyment among children.

    But we didn’t stop at functionality. The Celestial Channel Net Climber also boasts an eye-catching design that’s sure to be the star attraction of any playground. Its noticeable size and magnetic appeal make it more than just a piece of commercial playground equipment—it’s an experience that will captivate children’s imaginations and encourage them to explore new heights.

    One more fantastic feature of the Celestial Channel Net Climber is its customizable nature. We understand the importance of a cohesive look and feel to your playground, so we offer custom designs to match your existing play site’s color scheme. The Celestial Channel can blend seamlessly with your setting or stand out with contrasting colors; the choice is yours.

    In a world where screens often dominate, providing engaging outdoor activities for children has never been more crucial. With the Celestial Channel Net Climber, not only can you enrich their physical and social skills, but you also provide an unforgettable play experience that keeps them coming back.

    Invest in the Celestial Channel—a commercial playground climber that inspires, challenges, and captivates. Let the adventure begin and watch the magic unfold as children discover the joy of play in a whole new way.

    Age Group:5 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:55
    Use Zone Length (ft):81
    Use Zone Width (ft):37
    Timbers Required:TBD
    Post Diameter:TBD
    • Posts: Steel, Powder Coated Finish
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Plastics: Roto Molded - None
    • Standards: IPEMA, ISO, ASTM
    Shipping: Freight
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