Apartments secure new tenants with amenities like laundry facilities and business centers. While these have become a standard for many complexes, those with additional amenities, that boost healthy living, are the ones that retain tenants for the long term. If you are looking to increase occupancy at your apartment complex, consider adding these top three out-of-the-box amenities for residents.

Shade structures over the pool

Pools are desirable for many residents. Set yours apart from the competition with the installation of custom shades. Shade structures enable residents to enjoy the pool longer, at a more comfortable temperature. They also provide residents with the number one defense against sunburn, making the pool a safer, healthier place to relax and play.

Outdoor exercise equipment

Many complexes incorporate fitness into apartment amenities, typically in the form of an indoor gym. While these are great for residents, they are often left unutilized. Get your residents moving with the installation of outdoor exercise equipment. Working out outside is a major stress reliever and has been shown to burn more calories than working out indoors. Having outdoor exercise equipment available boosts community health and social interaction among residents.

Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment are a great addition to any apartment complex. A safe place for children to grow and learn, playgrounds also provide parents and caregivers an opportunity to socialize in a healthy, outdoor environment. If your complex already has a playground, ongoing maintenance is key to ensure safety for children at play. Check the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook for playground maintenance tips here.

Increase apartment resident satisfaction with the installation of new, out-of-the-box amenities. At Pro Playgrounds, we understand the importance of fostering a healthy environment for residents. We have installed hundreds of playgrounds, shade structures and outdoor exercise equipment across the United States.