Reduce cost and increase safety on the playground with rubber mulch playground surfacing. Easy to maintain and highly shock absorbent, the installation of rubber mulch under and around play areas has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of head injury for children at play.

Top 3 benefits of playground rubber mulch: 

Highly shock absorbent

The installation of shock absorbent playground flooring has proven to greatly reduce the number of ER visits in children. Critical areas include high impact zones and heavy traffic areas like slides, monkey bars, climbers and zip line exits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified climbers in particular as a risk factor, stating “on public playgrounds, more injuries occur on climbers than on any other equipment”. Playground rubber mulch is an excellent choice for safety, as it is highly shock absorbent, providing the fall protection you need to help keep your playground safe.

Durable & dependable

Rubber playground mulch is one of the most durable loose fill playground surfacing options available. More resistant to sun exposure and natural elements than other safety surfacing materials, playground rubber mulch can be used for the long-term. Another great benefit: no cleanup post play versus other loose fill options like sand or pea gravel that make their way into clothes and shoes.

Cost effective

Known in the industry as “the cost effective choice”, rubber playground mulch is less expensive than most other safety surfacing options from the moment of purchase with minimal maintenance required over time.

A housing community in Fort Myers, FL recently reached out to us in need of a residential playground. After careful consideration of different safety surfacing options, the community decided to install playground rubber mulch under and around the playground equipment. Playground border timbers were also utilized to keep the mulch in place. Post installation, social interaction within the community is up and the HOA can rest assured the playground is safe and compliant with ASTM playground flooring standards.

The installation of playground rubber mulch greatly reduces the risk of injury for children at play. Make your playground a safer place to play with rubber mulch safety surfacing. Our rubber mulch is available in a variety of colors and can be purchased individually or with installation.