• When it comes time to select a playground installation company, there are a few key pointers to keep in mind. Check to see what markets they serve, how many installations they have completed and what qualifications they may have prior to making a selection.

By choosing a playground company that serves your market, you can rest assured they understand your unique needs. When it comes time to compare qualifications, find out whether the playground company offers Certified Playground Safety Inspections (CPSIs) and consulting services. CPSIs are trained in site planning, offering expert advice on how to resolve any potential layout issues that may arise.

For existing playgrounds, CPSIs identify any damaged equipment or deficient aspects of the playground and provide recommended actions to cure them. For new playground installations, CPSIs ensure compliance with essential safety guidelines established by the National Playground Safety Institute.

Key safety guidelines include:

  • The installation of safety surfacing under and around equipment. A credible company will ensure you select a surfacing product that is approved and recommended by the CPSC.
  • Shade structures to reduce UV exposure. For easy installation, check to ensure the playground company offers custom shade options.
  • Ongoing maintenance and site inspections.

A credible company will also be knowledgeable about ADA requirements, ensuring that you comply with minimal requirements. On public playgrounds, at least one of each type of ground level play component, e.g., spring riders, climbers, etc., must be accessible.  In addition, at least half of all platforms must be accessible through the use of travel paths, ramps or transfer systems.

Lastly, check to see if the company has competitive pricing. Are there any discounted playground options available in their inventory? A credible company will help you choose equipment that aligns with your budget, while taking into account additional cost, for any needed shading, surfacing or additional amenities.

At Pro Playgrounds, we have worked with organizations from nearly every industry including schools, churches, childcare centers, contractors, HOA’s, apartments and municipalities. We have completed over 100 playground installations across the United States. Our team includes Certified Playground Safety Inspectors that will literally examine every aspect of your playground down to the last nut and bolt to ensure optimal safety and compliance with safety requirements. Learn more about us and our customer centered approach here.