Summer months can be brutal on playgrounds and kids when the sun is constantly beaming down on them. The sun tends to make the playground equipment hotter which makes it hard for kids to play on when it’s a nice sunny day. At peak hours for the sun it can make it too hot on kids if they are playing directly under the sun rays and can tire them out fast. Having a nice playground shade structures to provide shade for kids and also cool down the equipment is a very smart investment to make. This will also help prolong the lifespan of the equipment as well. Down below are a few tips on what you need to know to help pick out the right shade for the playground.

1. What are you shading? You will need to find out if you are going to shade play equipment, site furnishings or have a stand alone shade. This will help you find out the size you need. If you are going over a piece of play equipment you will need to make sure that the posts will not invade any use zones that your equipment has. You will also need to find out the height of the equipment to know how high the shade will need to be so that the shade won’t be too low for your equipment.
2. What type of shade look are you wanting? Some people prefer the sail shades since they are very abstract and are eye catching while others are more practical and would like something that covers more to give the most shade. If you decide to do a stand alone shade then you may want to do just an umbrella shade to save on costs or just a smaller hip and ridge shade. Do some research on the different types of shades that are out there to find one the most suitable for you.
3. Find your budget. Your budget will be a big determining factor to what type of shade you will be able to get. Many shades are inexpensive to buy but depending on the size it can be very pricey to install. Many shades need machinery and many raw materials in order to be installed properly. There is also a permitting expensive involved that also increases the price.
4. Figure out when you want this installed. If you decide you would like this installed during the summertime then be sure to inquire months in advance. This is a busy season for shade manufacturers so their lead times increase during the summer months therefore making it a longer waiting process for it to be finished.
5. Be conscientious of the lifespan of your equipment. If you are putting this in an area where the equipment is on it’s last leg you may want to analyze what you will be doing with that equipment first. If you tear out old equipment a few years down the road and have a shade covering it you will have to find another piece that is the exact same size or even smaller then the one you have to comply with use zones.