We had a client approach us last year about their elementary schools play areas for the younger children of the school. They had two play areas for them to play at that had some spring riders and playhouses but their safety surfacing wasn’t holding up. The safety surfacing that the elementary school had was rubber tiles over concrete and the tiles started to shrink and create gaps in the surfacing which was a tripping hazard for children while they played. Our client originally searched for tiles that would fit to replace the ones that changed size considerably but since all of the tiles were not the same size as they were when they were originally installed he couldn’t find the proper sized tile to prevent there from being any gaps. The decided to utilize poured rubber playground flooring.

When we when out there to visit the site, we made sure to take proper measurements and photograph the area. We decided to tear out and dispose of the existing rubber tiles and install a double layer of poured in place rubber surfacing at a 2” thickness with half black and half signal green rubber granules. Once provided the quote they immediately wanted to move forward since summer was approaching.

The whole project took a total of four days. Once everything was installed our client was thrilled with how the surfacing turned out. Now they do not have to worry about a tripping hazard anymore and the surfacing was seamless and smooth for the children to play on. We had yet another satisfied customer!