There are many features available to ensure you get the kind of shade that you need such as combination of colors, shapes, materials, and components. The first thing you must do is look at the amount of space that you have for a shade considering how it will look and the purpose of the project. Are you putting this shade at a playground? a parking lot? Pool area? Shades can complement their surroundings in several ways, such as using bright, colorful shade to reflect a building with similar qualities or options to blend in with the architecture, typically very conventional in shape, modest in size and mimic the colors of the surrounding architecture.

Questions to Ask About Custom Shades

  • Will conditions in the area require a material that’s waterproof or hail-resistant?
  • Have you considered how external factors, such as weather, building design, etc. will influence the choice of material, design, size, and strength of the intended shade structure?
  • If the structure is for a public recreation space, have you discussed with your shade expert the need for a clear line of site for parents to watch their kids?


If you run a daycare, parks department or small business, a budget is always going to be top of mind. Shade structures can be expensive but keep in mind that a good shade structure can last a lifetime. There are many community grants available for these types of purchases, consider funding options investing in your business or community.


Prior to installation, check with local authorities for any relevant building regulations which may exist. This is an essential part of the design and installation. You must be sure to consult your city or your association, about the permits you need to install a structure.

Before deciding on a specific design whether you’re looking for shade structures for schools, playgrounds, parking lots, outdoor athletic facilities, our team of shade experts can recommend many different types of standard or custom shade structure styles that will help protect and enhance your business for years to come.