There are numerous features to consider when selecting the right shade structure that meets your specific needs. By combining various elements such as colors, shapes, materials, and components, you can create the perfect shade solution. The first step is to evaluate the available space, taking into account the desired aesthetic and purpose of the project. Are you planning to install a shade structure in a playground, parking lot, or pool area? Shades can seamlessly blend into their surroundings by using vibrant and colorful options that reflect adjacent buildings or opting for conventional shapes that mimic the surrounding architecture.

Custom Shade Structures: Key Questions to Ask

  1. Will the area’s conditions require a waterproof or hail-resistant material for the shade structure?
  2. Have you considered how external factors like weather and building design will influence the choice of material, design, size, and structural strength of the shade structure?
  3. If the structure will be located in a public recreation space, have you discussed with a shade expert the importance of maintaining a clear line of sight for parents to watch their children?

Budget Considerations

For daycare centers, parks departments, and small businesses, budget plays a crucial role. While shade structures can be a significant investment, it’s important to remember that a well-built shade structure can provide lasting benefits. Explore the availability of community grants and consider funding options to make the investment in your business or community.

Installation Considerations

Before proceeding with the installation, it’s essential to check with local authorities regarding any building regulations that may be in place. Complying with these regulations is a crucial part of the design and installation process. Make sure to consult with your city or association to determine the necessary permits required for installing a shade structure.

Standard or Custom Shade Structures for Various Needs

Whether you require shade structures for schools, playgrounds, parking lots, or outdoor athletic facilities, our team of shade experts is here to assist you. We offer a wide range of standard and custom shade structure styles that provide both protection and enhancement for your business or community space. Let us guide you in selecting the ideal shade structure that will safeguard your assets and improve the overall experience for years to come.