Whether you are undergoing a renovation or starting from scratch, when it comes time to choose a playground surface, you may want to consider installing rubber playground flooring. This high quality product is durable and once installed, there is little maintenance required.

The Rubber Playground Flooring Advantage

Playground safety regulations call for a minimum depth fill to ensure flooring materials are sufficiently shock absorbent for injury prevention. To comply, materials must be:

  • At least 12 inches deep
  • And extend at least 6 feet in all directions around equipment.

Depth requirements take into account the critical height rating of the playground equipment. Higher equipment calls for additional flooring depth and coverage. For the full requirements, view page 8 of the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook.

Minimum depths must be maintained, even when materials move position. Loose fill materials shift, changing depth overtime. High traffic areas, e.g., under the monkey bars, slide exits and below swings are particularly problematic. Both synthetic and natural loose fill materials move significantly in these areas. Once the minimum depth is no longer fulfilled, safety becomes a major issue. These high traffic areas are also the most common areas on the playground where injuries occur. When flooring materials are low, the risk for injury multiplies.

Rubber playground flooring, on the other hand, fulfills minimum depth requirements upon installation. Materials are poured in place and proven to resist displacement overtime, even in high traffic areas.

Another essential aspect of rubber playground flooring is its durability factor. These surfaces are made to last, requiring little to no maintenance over the lifetime of the playground. Ideal for high wind speed zones where loose fill materials blow out of bounds, rubber playground flooring stays in place. Materials are highly customizable too. Multiple colors and shapes can be included to match any theme.

This recent installation was completed at JBL Riverfront Park of Tampa. The design was custom created to complement the rest of the park’s artistic décor.

JBL Park Tampa Poured In Place Playground Surfacing 25

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