Recess is an important time of day for kids. It gives children a chance to be outside, organize games and just play with their friends. Recess also gave teachers a little down time as well, even though they supervised the children they still got a break from the classroom. Nowadays, recess time has be condensed so much that children barely have time to do anything. Today, that average amount of time children are given for recess is around 15 minutes. This amount of time is not sufficient enough for children to play or relax from the classroom. More time is needed for children to play on elementary school playground equipment.Many of the reasons why recess time has been reduced or eliminated is due to giving children more structured time in the classroom. There are some administrators that thought that allowing children more time for school work would boost their test scores. Others were thinking about possible lawsuits that may occur from playground injuries. Recess time is sometimes allowed to be determined by teachers or principals. And of course recess can be cut back or taken away due to academic pressures or as punishment.

These administrators should realize how recess has many other benefits that children can utilize. Studies have shown that recess helps with children’s cognitive development. By children being involved in recess time, they are not as fidgety in the classroom which allows them to focus more on the task at hand, whereas a child that is not give enough recess time or any at all have a harder time focusing. Children with ADHD also benefit a lot from recess in the same sense. Also, schools that had a longer recess time showed improvement in students’ fitness, attitudes and had higher test scores. And there was an increase in memory and attention when learning is not as concentrated and is spaces out.

Other studies have also shown that recess helps children socially and emotionally. During recess, children can take charge and become who they want to be. They become their own person and express themselves through games and activities. Children also learn to negotiate and share when they are on the playground. They are able to resolve conflicts of their own when they are given the opportunity of a free choice situation.

Physical development is also apart of recess. Children who remain active through the day will generally stay active after school. If a child is not active through the day then they will not be as active after school. Recess time also instills the importance of physical activity and exercise. Also, if recess is before lunch then this leads to healthier eating habits. This will help eliminate childhood obesity by children being involved in physical activity and allow them to burn calories instead of sitting still in a classroom all day. Playground equipment for schools is an ideal way to encourage physical activity in children through play.

Every child deserves the right to have a recess. Recess is not only fun for them but allows them to grow. There is more to this time of day than meets the eye. Children will become better students in class and be more focused. Recess needs to be a requirement for every school since there are far more benefits to recess than the possible disadvantages.