When planning a playground, it is important to ensure the cost of equipment and installation aligns with your budget. With discounts of up to forty percent, wholesale playground equipment provides significant cost savings for schools, churches and parks. The savings on equipment can then be applied to other needed items, like shock absorbent surfacing and shade structures, both of which have been shown to improve safety for children at play.

The installation of shock absorbent surfacing greatly reduces the likelihood of head injuries on the playground. In fact, the first two steps of the CPSC’s Public Playground Safety Checklist are to make sure safety surfacing is installed and to check that it extends at least six feet in all directions from the playground equipment. The installation of shade structures extends the time children can spend playing safely in the sun. Shaded areas are also significantly cooler, reducing the risk of dehydration in children and surface temperatures of play equipment. This means greater utilization of the equipment that is being purchased. Additionally, shade structures help maintain equipment for longer, as sun exposure breaks down playground materials overtime.

You can also help keep your budget in line with expert planning. When planning a playground, it helps to speak with a professional in the initial stages. Our team of experts includes Certified Playground Inspectors who ensure playground installations and equipment are compliant with ASTM and CPSC regulations. We have also carefully studied which pieces of playground equipment promote group play and child interaction, thus promoting and developing the social skills of the children; an invaluable tool in healthy child growth and development.

Our team will help you determine if any old or damaged equipment is salvageable and whether any excavation will need to take place prior to installation.

By using wholesale and discounted playground equipment structures and save considerably on playground equipment. Pro Playgrounds offers a wide selection of discounted recreational equipment, including play systems up to forty percent off as well as design and consulting services for all your recreational needs.