Playground planning on a budget? Get more bang for your buck with wholesale playground equipment.

Ideal for schools, churches, daycares and other organizations in search of affordable outdoor recreation, wholesale playground equipment offers the same high quality as other top playgrounds for a considerably lower price.

When it comes to budgeting for your playground, it is helpful to first determine how many children will be playing on the equipment at a given time as well as the age group of the children. Preschools typically select units designed for children aged 2 to 5, while elementary schools choose units designed for children aged 5 to 12. Elementary schools offering preschool and VPK programs can save by purchasing one unit designed for both age groups versus multiple units for each. Units designed for children aged 2-12 are ideal for these facilities, as they include play components that are age appropriate for a wider range of physical development. Different recess times for each age group are encouraged to ensure optimal use and playground safety for all students.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind 

The playground equipment itself accounts for the bulk of the total project cost, while the installation accounts for the next largest percent. By purchasing wholesale playground equipment, buyers can invest saved collateral into other important factors, including shade structures, site preparation and more.

The cost of site preparation including, irrigation, drainage, surfacing and fencing, is important to include when budgeting for a playground along with shipping cost and taxes. Community parks and other green spaces may need to allot for the cost of additional amenities, such as trash receptacles, picnic tables, benches and outdoor fitness equipment. Landscaping is another important part of the playground-planning budget, as it goes hand in hand with draining and irrigation and can be used to provide natural shade. When inefficient natural shade is present, the cost of artificial shade structures and installation should also be taken into consideration.

With all of the different factors at hand, it’s easy to see why playground planners often exceed their budgets in the process. Fortunately, an affordable alternative is available with the purchase of wholesale playground equipment.

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