Did you know shade structures keep play areas up to 20 degrees cooler? That means more time for children to play comfortably outside on equipment that does not burn to the touch. Need we say more?

In addition to cooler equipment and temperatures on the playground, shade greatly benefits children’s health by protecting their skin from overexposure. In fact, shade structures provide just the right solution. Children can get some sunshine, an essential source of vitamin D, but can also retreat from it, greatly reducing the risk of sunburn and other implications later in life.

Making Your Selection

The all hip steel shelter offers an outdoor seating solution for people sheltering from the sun or rain. This shade structure features beams and a steel roof, ideal for picnics at the park, party rentals and more.

Custom sail shades are designed and created to best fit the area at hand. These triangle shaped structures are a great addition to playgrounds, community pools and other outdoor recreational areas.

Rectangle hip and ridge shade structures provide massive amounts of shade for an affordable price. Height options range from eight to twelve feet. An entire playground or poolside can be covered with ease with a rectangle shade structure.

Square shade structures are another great solution for providing an ample amount of shade. They are ideal for smaller zones in comparison to the rectangle shade structures, such as over a swing set, toddler play area or spring rider set.

Hexagon shade structures are similar to rectangle and square structures when it comes to installation. What sets them apart? The additional poles and angles that make up the hexagon enable even wider coverage, creating endless amounts of shade. These shades are ideal for large playgrounds, outdoor courts, playing fields and more.

The benefits of shade structures are undeniable. Shade protects children’s skin from harmful rays, reduce wear and tear of playground equipment and greatly lower temperature of playgrounds so they are not too hot to the touch. Explore our selection of shade structures, sail shades, rectangle shades, custom shades and more and find the best fit for all your recreational needs.