Critical development in young learners stems from outdoor play. A study on the importance of outdoor play and its impact on young learners was recently conducted by researchers at a school in Portugal. The study introduced outdoor learning and play into the school’s standard curriculum and analyzed its impact on student achievement and behavior. Findings revealed outdoor play promoted learning and development, enabled children to take healthy risks, and gave them more opportunity to socialize with one another

School Playground Equipment Promotes Learning & Development

When children play outside, they learn to navigate their surroundings, overcome obstacles, reach goals and use their imaginations. School playground equipment offers the ideal environment for children to reach developmental milestones. Plus, children who play outside on the playground are better behaved in the classroom, this is why playground equipment for elementary schools are so important.

Physical activity on school playground equipment improves young learners’ ability to retain information at school. Nearly 2000 principals were surveyed across the country on the impact of increased physical activity in U.S. schools. An overwhelming majority reported that children were significantly better behaved in the classroom after playing outdoors on school playground equipment versus those who had not. The survey also reported that outdoor play significantly improved students’ academic achievement.

School Playground Equipment Enables Healthy Risk Taking

In addition to aiding learning and development, outdoor play enables healthy risk taking among children. Recess provides the optimal time for children to take healthy risks. Elementary School Playground equipment that is compliant with ASTM and CPSC standards has been tested for safety. As long as children are using playground equipment appropriately, it is a safe place for children to discover their physical abilities and limitations. By taking healthy risks, children are able to build self-confidence and strengthen decision-making skills.

School Playground Equipment Increases Socialization

When children are allowed to play freely on the playground, they engage more with one another. Imaginative and collaborative play helps children develop friendships, a key part of child development. Increased socialization enables children to negotiate and collaborate with one another to reach a common goal.

The use of school playground equipment has been shown to boost child development and learning, resulting in improved academic achievement. Take steps to improve attentiveness in the classroom at your school.