Keeping up with the theme of our last blog post, here is a shade job that we did over the summer for a daycare center. The client was concerned about the amount of sun on their infant and toddler playground was getting especially during the summer months. Since this daycare is located in Florida you can imagine that the summer months get very hot. We understood their concern and decided to make an onsite visit to their facility. During our visit we were able to observe the area and take measurements. It was decided they needed a custom designed daycare shade structure.

The toddler area was broken up into two areas. There were two turf padded areas surrounded by a cement sidewalk with many portable outdoor toys for the young ones to play on. The play areas were fenced in so we need to make sure that the posts stayed inside that area and didn’t go past the fence which would encroach into the neighboring business’ property. We scheduled an onsite consultation where we could measure out the area to make sure we designed a shade that would fit.

Our team decided that playground shade structures that connected to the building would be the best option for shading this area. We sent in the measurements to get the shade structures engineered. Once the shades were fabricated we were able to do the install within a few days. The shades also have custom post pads to keep children safe in case they may fall and hit one.

Overall, the job was a success and the little ones are able to play outside for longer due to the new shades they have covering them. Not only are the shades functional but also look nice over their infant playground. Be sure that your local playgrounds are shaded as well! Contact our customer service department to inquire about the different shades that we offer.