As many of you have read from our previous post, Our professional playground installers put up the first rooftop playground in Florida at a school in Tallahassee, Fl. It was fully equipped with playground structures, overhead spinners, climbers, poured in place rubber surfacing and turf surfacing with sail shades to come. Having a playground in the Florida heat calls for some much need shade especially a playground being on a roof. Our design expert put together this elaborate and beautiful system of commercial shade sails to span across the large play area. The intricate design allows for the shade structures to give off the most shade without completely blocking out the sun and allows it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Our client stressed the importance of not only having a fun outdoor space for their students but also having shade structures for schools as much as possible due to the location. Our team of professionals worked with them to find the best possible option for them and this is what they came up with. These shades are not your typically shade structures. They are called sail shades because of their unique shape and the way the stretch out to create a sail like appearance. There are 8 shades in total that cover a 50′ x 165′ area.

Shade structures in Florida are permitted and required to withstand high winds due to the many hurricanes that we encounter. Our talented installation specialist was able to create custom brackets for these shades that were welded to the structural steel of the building. You can see many of these brackets in the photo gallery that are connect through the walls and to the posts extending off of the fence. During heavy winds these shades are not going any where!

Overall, the client, students and parents were happy with the final touches. These commercial shades keep them cool and protected from the suns harmful UV rays. Now the parents whose kids attend this school can play happily under these beautiful shades without the worry of them getting too hot. Keep us in mind, if you know of any playgrounds that are not sufficiently shaded that are in need of a shade structure!