What better New Year resolution than to make the playground a safer place to play? While outdoor play is essential for healthy child development, there are several key factors to keep in mind when it comes to safety.

Playgrounds are designed to be age appropriate for certain age ranges. Parents can check signs to make sure the equipment is in their child’s age range to reduce the chance of injury.

Sun exposure can be hazardous to both children’s skin and the playground equipment, causing it to retain too much heat. According to the National Program for Playground Safety, shade and sunscreen are your best bets here.

Any breakage or cracks in playground equipment or flooring is particularly hazardous, causing children to trip and fall on surfacing that may not be up to par. Damaged equipment should be blocked off from use and replaced.

Playground surfacing has to be able to absorb enough impact to help prevent injury. This is accomplished by filling the materials to a sufficient depth line in relation to the height of the equipment and the fall risk of the child. Poured in place rubber surfacing is one of the top recommended flooring materials listed in the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook. Its super shock absorbent properties are ideal for high impact play areas like playgrounds, basketball courts and splash zones. Check the handbook for more specifics on playground flooring standards and depth fill requirements.

Additional Benefits of Poured in Place Rubber Surfacing

Once installed, poured in place rubber playground flooring is long lasting, requiring little to no maintenance over a long period of time. Loose fill materials require ongoing, regular refills to ensure minimum surfacing levels are maintained. For example, when children land repeatedly on playground mulch under a slide during a play session, the pieces are displaced underneath the area. If these materials are not replaced, hard under surfacing may be revealed. Direct impact with a hard, non-shock absorbent surfacing, can result in serious injury, particularly when falls occur from higher heights, like monkey bars, tall platforms or ladders.

Poured in place rubber flooring, on the other hand, is measured and filled upon installation, often by Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. The binding materials used stay firm and are able to withstand outdoor conditions for long periods of time.

Another plus is that with poured in place rubber materials, you can completely customize your design to match any theme. Start the year of right by making your playground a safer place to play. Ring in the New Year with the installation of poured in place rubber surfacing. Contact us for a free quote today!