Surveys reveal higher satisfaction among family guests at hotels and resorts with playground equipment versus those without. This is likely due to the fact that children behave better when physically active. And let’s face it, the better behaved the child, the more enjoyable the vacation.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Playground on Your Next Vacation:

1. Kids behave better and parents relax more when there is plenty of entertainment onsite. Studies show children are more attentive and listen better after participating in active play versus those who do not participate or participate minimally. Resort playgrounds enable free, unstructured play for children. This essential element of play is easily overlooked on vacation when much of the day is dedicated to sightseeing and park hopping. There is not often opportunity for free, unstructured play. Resort and hotel playgrounds give children the opportunity to play freely between scheduled family activities. This results in better behavior in children over the length of the stay and higher satisfaction among family guests with their stay overall.

2. Playgrounds provide great entertainment for guests and their families. Pools are a great source for family fun. However, many hotels and resorts close outdoor pools in the colder months. Playgrounds, on the other hand, are open year round, making them a great addition to any resort.

3. Most guests on vacation are new to the area. By having playground equipment onsite, guests can enjoy easy access to fun without having to leave the comfort and convenience of the resort. The ease of access and close proximity to the hotel room make resort playgrounds particularly appealing to guests.

Playgrounds are beneficial to resorts as well, particularly in areas known for family friendly travel, theme parks, fairgrounds and other major attractions. In these areas, playgrounds set resorts apart from the competition, making them an ideal option for guests, ultimately increasing sales and room occupancy.

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