Playground planning in the works? Maintain your budget with ease with discount playground equipment.


One of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to playground planning is cost. Schools, daycares, churches and apartment complexes alike are provided with a budget for playground purchasing and/or maintenance. To ensure you stay within your organization’s means, it is important to consider all cost factors prior to selecting equipment.


Additional cost factors to consider include the:

  • Cost of installation,
  • Cost of safety surfacing
  • Cost of shade structures.


No two projects are alike when it comes to the site, slope and individual needs of the organization at hand. By selecting a playground company who is experienced and knowledgeable, you will be able to get a more accurate quote of your total project cost. When comparing companies, check to see if they offer any recreational design or consulting services. Design services can be particularly helpful when it comes time to choose and place equipment. Additionally, consider choosing a company that also carries and installs surfacing and shades for playgrounds. That way, you can ask for one quote for all needed materials and only have to worry about working with one vendor versus multiple.


In addition to helping you stay within your budget, playground planning services help:

  • Minimize the occurrence of playground injury
  • Minimize conflict on the playground
  • Simplify supervision
  • Ensure ADA accessibility


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