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6′ Zion with Back with Side Armrests, Portable/Surface Mount

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Introducing the Commercial Zion Park Bench with Back and Side Armrests, a durable and comfortable seating solution for outdoor spaces. Constructed from fully welded steel, this 6-foot park bench is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The cleverly spaced slats prevent rainwater puddling, ensuring a quick dry after storms. With side armrests for added support and a 2-in-1 portable/surface mount base, it offers versatility for various locations. Its vibrant powder coat finish maintains its appearance over time. Whether placed in parks, playgrounds, or commercial settings, the Zion Park Bench enhances outdoor experiences with style and functionality. Customization options allow seamless integration into any environment.

**The Actual Product and Image can vary**

**Custom Color Option Available**


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    6′ Zion with Back with Side Armrests, Portable/Surface Mount

    Commercial Playground Site Accessible Furniture

    Introducing the Commercial Zion Park Bench with Back – Your Sturdy and Stylish Seating Solution

    Looking for the perfect addition to your outdoor space or commercial establishment? Look no further than the Commercial Zion Park Bench with Back. This top-of-the-line seating solution offers not only comfort and durability but also a modern, eye-catching design that will elevate the aesthetics of any park, playground, or outdoor setting.

    Crafted with a keen focus on both functionality and aesthetics, the Zion Park Bench with Back is the epitome of commercial outdoor furniture. Whether it’s on city sidewalks, park plazas, playgrounds, or office lobbies, this park bench is designed to withstand heavy-duty use and harsh weather conditions while providing a comfortable place for individuals to rest, relax, and recuperate.

    Designed for Optimal Comfort and Durability
    The fully welded horizontal slats of the Zion Park Bench are thoughtfully spaced to encourage airflow, expediting the drying process after rain showers. This feature ensures that users can quickly enjoy a dry and comfortable seat even after inclement weather. Say goodbye to damp, uncomfortable park benches!

    Unrivaled Sturdiness and Longevity
    The Zion Park Bench’s robust legs are expertly crafted from laser-cut steel plate, making it an excellent example of heavy-duty commercial outdoor furniture. The steel construction guarantees exceptional strength and stability, providing a secure and safe seating option for all park visitors.

    Sleek, Modern Design
    With its contemporary lines and elegant triangular leg shape, the Zion Park Bench adds a touch of sophistication to any park or outdoor environment. The modern design seamlessly complements various architectural styles and landscape designs, making it an ideal choice for urban and natural settings alike.

    Customization Options to Suit Your Aesthetic Vision
    We understand that every park or outdoor space has its unique charm and character. To cater to diverse tastes and preferences, the Zion Park Bench with Back is available in a wide variety of alternate color choices. Our durable powder coat finish not only enhances the park bench’s appearance but also ensures the colors remain vibrant for years to come, even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions.

    Versatile Mounting Options for Your Convenience
    Whether you need mobility or a permanent fixture, the Zion Park Bench with Back has you covered. Equipped with a portable/surface mount combo, you can effortlessly move the park bench around or secure it firmly to the ground for a fixed seating arrangement.

    The Perfect Solution for Any Park Setting
    Ideal for public parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, streetscapes, and office outdoor spaces, the Zion Park Bench with Back complements and enhances the ambiance of any outdoor or semi-outdoor environment. Its versatility and durability make it a popular choice for landscape architects, city planners, and commercial property owners seeking reliable and attractive park seating solutions.

    Invest in Quality and Style with the Zion Park Bench with Back
    When it comes to commercial outdoor seating, the Zion Park Bench with Back stands out as the epitome of durability, comfort, and style. Built to withstand the rigors of heavy use and diverse weather conditions, this park bench guarantees years of reliable service without compromising on its aesthetics.

    Upgrade your outdoor seating experience today with the Zion Park Bench with Back. Immerse yourself in its comfort, revel in its contemporary design, and enjoy the lasting beauty of this remarkable piece of outdoor furniture.

    **The Actual Product and Image can vary**

    **Custom Color Option Available**

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