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Single Post Circle Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PGS022
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder is an innovative, engaging addition to any commercial playground. With its easy-to-grip handles and unique design, this climbing ladder provides a fun, physical challenge for children, encouraging the development of upper body strength and gross motor skills. As children swing and climb, they also engage in imaginative play, enhancing their holistic growth. The ladder’s dynamic design and vibrant colors make it a captivating centerpiece in any play area, promoting active, outdoor play. An investment in this ladder isn’t just adding equipment; it’s fostering a platform for growth, learning, and fun.


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    Single Post Circle Overhead Swinging Commercial Playground Ring Ladder

    Commercial Playground Climber

    Transform your commercial playground into a hotspot for fun and fitness with our Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder. This innovative outdoor activity equipment is a refreshing take on the traditional climbing ladder, designed to captivate and engage youngsters in active, imaginative play.

    The Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder showcases a circular overhead beam. Attached are over a dozen easy-to-grip handles that serve as entry points into a world of endless excitement. Kids can swing back and forth along the perimeter of the circle or challenge themselves further by hauling themselves hand over hand along a crossbar. This crossbar features a smaller concentric circle at its center, adding an extra layer of fun to this Commercial Playground climber.

    What sets this Freestanding Get Physical equipment apart is the swinging nature of the ring handles. This dynamic feature turns climbing, a quintessential outdoor activity, into a thrilling challenge for adventurous youth. The equipment is part of our effort to incorporate well-rounded, stimulating activities in commercial playground design, encouraging children to develop upper body strength and coordination in a fun, informal setting.

    This freestanding playground equipment isn’t just about physical development, though. As children navigate their way through the ladder, they’re also enhancing their gross motor skills, learning to control their movements better, and improving their posture. It’s a holistic growth opportunity, wrapped up in a package of colorful, eye-catching design that kids simply can’t resist.

    Our Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder is more than just a commercial playground climber. It’s an arena for young minds to explore their potential, to push their limits, and to learn while having fun. The carefully arranged rings and the bright colors of the framework make it an attractive centerpiece that will instantly draw any youngster’s interest.

    With this climbing ladder, you’re not just adding a piece of equipment to your playground. You’re providing a platform for children to grow, learn, and have fun. Bring the joy of physical play to your playground today with the Single Post Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder. It’s not just an investment in equipment; it’s an investment in the future of our children. Get ready to watch them climb, swing, and step into a world of active play!

    Weight: 750 LBS
    Age Group:5 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:10
    Use Zone Length (ft):23
    Use Zone Width (ft):23
    Timbers Required:19
    Post Diameter:3.5"
    • Posts: Steel, Powder Coated Finish
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Standards: IPEMA, ISO, ASTM
    • Plastics: Roto Molded
    Shipping: Freight
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