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Shaded Table Rectangle Umbrella

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Introducing our Commercial Shaded Table, a versatile and durable outdoor seating solution. This heavy-duty 6-foot regal table, accompanied by 8-foot seats and a 12.5′ x 8′ shade with Glide Elbow, offers ultimate comfort and style. Whether in parks, campuses, or playgrounds, this metal picnic table provides a relaxing spot with ample shade, protecting users from harmful UV rays. Its easy maintenance ensures a long-lasting appeal, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Elevate your surroundings with the Commercial Shaded Table and enjoy the ideal fusion of functionality and elegance in a single product.

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Shaded Table Rectangle Umbrella – 12.5′ x 8′ x 8′, Embedded, with Glide, Table Top, & Benches

Commercial Playground Site Furniture

Introducing the Commercial Shaded Table – The Perfect Fusion of Comfort and Functionality!

Upgrade your outdoor spaces with our top-of-the-line Commercial Shaded Table, a true marvel in the world of commercial outdoor furniture. This innovative and stylish product seamlessly combines the 6-foot regal table with 8-foot seats and a 12.5′ x 8′ shade, complete with the Glide Elbow feature. Designed to enhance the ambiance of any location, from parks to college campuses, this shaded table promises to be an exceptional amenity that offers both relaxation and comfort.

Robust and Heavy-Duty Construction:
Crafted with durability in mind, our Commercial Shaded Table boasts heavy-duty commercial outdoor furniture features that guarantee unparalleled longevity. Made from premium-grade materials and expertly engineered, this table is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions and heavy daily usage, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic public areas. Whether it’s the scorching sun, torrential rain, or freezing temperatures, this table will remain resilient throughout the year, retaining its beauty and functionality.

Versatile Outdoor Seating Solution:
The Commercial Shaded Table serves as a versatile outdoor commercial picnic table, perfect for various settings. Whether you’re looking to furnish a bustling park, a serene outdoor café, or a vibrant college campus, this table seamlessly adapts to any environment. It offers plentiful seating space for groups to gather and enjoy each other’s company while taking advantage of the refreshing shade.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience:
The integration of the expansive 12.5′ x 8′ shade with the Glide Elbow mechanism sets this table apart from the rest. Experience the ultimate convenience as you effortlessly adjust the shade’s position to block out the sun at different times of the day. Protect yourself and others from harmful UV rays while savoring the great outdoors. The Glide Elbow ensures a smooth and seamless operation, allowing for a hassle-free shading experience for everyone.

Unmatched Comfort and Style:
Comfort meets style with the Commercial Shaded Table. The 6-foot regal table and 8-foot seats provide spacious and ergonomic seating that accommodates your guests comfortably. Whether enjoying a leisurely picnic or engaging in an outdoor study session, this table offers the perfect spot for relaxation and bonding. Its sleek metal picnic table outdoor design exudes sophistication, adding an elegant touch to any outdoor space.

Endless Applications:
This shaded table’s versatility extends beyond just being a picnic table. It also doubles as a playground bench and outdoor park table, making it an invaluable addition to recreational spaces and communal areas. Watch as kids revel in the joy of playtime, families create cherished memories, and students find solace while studying under the protective canopy of the shade.

Easy Maintenance:
The Commercial Shaded Table is engineered with practicality in mind. Its low-maintenance design ensures that cleaning and upkeep are a breeze. Simply wipe down the surfaces, and the table will continue to look brand new for years to come, saving you time and effort on maintenance tasks.

In summary, the Commercial Shaded Table is a testament to our commitment to providing the finest commercial outdoor seating solutions. Elevate your outdoor spaces with this durable, comfortable, and stylish table that effortlessly combines form and function. Invest in the future of your public spaces with this exceptional shaded table today!


**The Actual Product and Image can vary**

**Custom Color Option Available**

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