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Sculptural Ensemble

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Introducing the Sculptural Ensemble by ProPlaygrounds, a collection of artistically designed outdoor musical instruments that add sophistication and elegance to any playground. With towering structures and graceful curves, these instruments, including Aria, Manta Ray, Pagoda Bells, Lilypad Cymbals, Contrabass Chimes, and Harp, create an outdoor art installation that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. ProPlaygrounds, a family-owned company, offers turnkey solutions executed with professionalism and precision, prioritizing client satisfaction. These instruments not only encourage creativity but also provide an opportunity for communities to engage with sophisticated artistic expression in an outdoor setting. Transform your playground into an elegant masterpiece with the Sculptural Ensemble, where quality, artistry, and music unite to inspire unforgettable moments.

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Sculptural Ensemble

Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

Introducing the Sculptural Ensemble: Elevate Your Playground with Artistic Elegance!

At ProPlaygrounds, we believe that every playground should not only inspire play but also ignite the spark of creativity and sophistication. We are delighted to introduce the Sculptural Ensemble – a collection of towering, artistically designed instruments that add an air of sophistication and artistic flair to any outdoor space. We offer more than just quality; we provide turnkey solutions executed with professionalism and precision, always with client satisfaction as our top priority. As a family-owned and operated playground company dedicated to serving communities across the nation, we invite you to discover the artistry of the Sculptural Ensemble.

A Symphony of Artistry

The Sculptural Ensemble is more than just a playground; it’s an outdoor art installation. With its towering structures and graceful curves, this ensemble creates a visual masterpiece that harmonizes with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Each instrument in this collection features stylish steel posts that enhance their sophisticated, “sculptural” appearance, making a bold statement wherever it’s installed.

Meet the Instruments

– Aria: Aria is a testament to the marriage of art and music. Its elegant design and graceful curves invite users to explore the world of melodic creativity. The Aria instrument produces soothing tones that elevate the ambiance of any outdoor space.

– Manta Ray: The Manta Ray instrument adds a touch of aquatic wonder to the ensemble. Its unique and visually striking design mirrors the grace of a manta ray gliding through the ocean. This instrument offers rich, resonant notes that transport users to the depths of musical exploration.

– Pagoda Bells: Pagoda Bells bring an Eastern-inspired elegance to the ensemble. Their pagoda-style design adds a touch of serenity and mystique to the playground. When played, these bells create a captivating and harmonious auditory experience.

– Lilypad Cymbals: The Lilypad Cymbals offer a percussive element that complements the ensemble’s artistic flair. Children and adults alike can experiment with rhythm and beat, adding a layer of interactive creativity to the outdoor space.

– Contrabass Chimes: The Contrabass Chimes introduce deep and spiritual tones, resonating like the soul of a musical masterpiece. These chimes contribute a sense of grounding and tranquility to the ensemble’s musical landscape.

– Harp: The Harp instrument provides a classic touch to the collection, reminiscent of a timeless work of art. Its melodious notes transport users to a world of classical elegance, creating a soothing and enchanting musical atmosphere.

More Than Just Play

The Sculptural Ensemble is more than a playground; it’s an invitation to explore the intersection of art and music. These instruments encourage users to unleash their creativity, fostering a deeper connection with the arts and the world around them. It’s an opportunity for children and communities to engage with sophisticated artistic expression in an outdoor setting.

Safety and Durability

Safety is of paramount importance at ProPlaygrounds. The Sculptural Ensemble is designed with this in mind, crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials that ensure both the instruments’ longevity and the safety of users.

Turnkey Excellence

Choosing the Sculptural Ensemble means choosing a partner dedicated to making your playground dreams a reality. Our team of experts will work closely with you, ensuring every aspect of your project is executed with professionalism and precision. From concept to completion, we’re with you every step of the way.

Your Playground, Your Masterpiece

At ProPlaygrounds, we’re committed to creating playgrounds that inspire, educate, and elevate communities. The Sculptural Ensemble is a testament to this dedication. Your playground can be transformed into an artistic masterpiece, where sophistication and creativity flourish.

Choose the Sculptural Ensemble by ProPlaygrounds

Elevate your playground to a realm where art and music dance in perfect harmony. Choose the Sculptural Ensemble by ProPlaygrounds, where quality, artistry, and the joy of music combine to create unforgettable moments. Contact us today, and let’s turn your playground into an outdoor masterpiece of artistic expression and musical wonder, one note at a time.

**The Product image might not match up the title**

**Shipping included in the Price**

  • 6 Different Instruments:
  • Aria Metallophone
  • Manta Ray Chime
  • Pagoda Bells Bell
  • Lilypad Cymbals Bell
  • Contrabass Chimes Chime
  • Harp Chime
  • Inground Mounting
  • Surface Mounting

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Shipping: Freight