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RockWell Teeter Quad Spring Rider

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PFB010
ASTM F1487-11IPEMA Certified

The RockWell Teeter Quad, designed for children aged 2-5, revolutionizes the commercial playground experience by combining elements of a traditional seesaw with a spring bouncer. Its safety-focused design ensures that the seats never rise too high, making it perfect for young children. Crafted from durable galvanized steel, this Commercial Playground Activity spring rider promotes cooperative play, vital for children’s development. Featuring steel rings for secure gripping and footrests, and customizable vibrant colors, the Teeter Quad stands out in any playground setting. Resilient against harsh weather conditions, this Freestanding Get Physical playground equipment is ideal for daycares, preschools, and churches, adding fun, safety, and learning to outdoor activities.


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    RockWell Teeter Quad Commercial Playground Spring Rider

    High Quality Commercial Playground Equipment

    Introducing the RockWell Teeter Quad, a revolutionary play element that transforms the commercial playground experience for children ages 2-5. Merging the nostalgia of a classic seesaw with the thrill of a spring bouncer, this Freestanding Get Physical masterpiece sets a new benchmark for outdoor activity fun and safety.

    Made from the finest galvanized steel, the RockWell Teeter Quad exudes quality and reliability. More than just a Commercial Playground Activity spring rider, it’s a joyful journey that brings smiles and laughter to the faces of young adventurers.

    Safe and Innovative Design:
    Safety and innovation lie at the core of the RockWell Teeter Quad. By creatively blending elements from a traditional seesaw and spring bouncer, the Teeter Quad ensures that the seats never rise too high from the ground. This ingenious design makes it an ideal choice for preschool age children, giving them the excitement of a seesaw with the added safety of a spring rider.

    Cooperative Play:
    Aside from being pure fun, the Quad Teeter Totter encourages cooperative play. It’s not just about bouncing up and down; it’s about working together, communicating, and sharing a joyful experience. This crucial lesson in cooperation aids the proper development of children, teaching them values that will serve them throughout their lives.

    Enhanced Features:
    The Teeter Quad is meticulously crafted with steel rings attached in front of the seats, offering one ring for gripping and another for the feet. These subtle yet significant additions enhance the children’s enjoyment and help them feel secure as they play.

    Customizable Colors:
    What’s a playground without vibrant colors? Customize your RockWell Teeter Quad with bright, lively colors that make it stand out from other playground equipment. The eye-catching hues add a touch of flair and make the Quad an instant favorite among children.

    Built for the Elements:
    Weather should never dampen playtime, and with the commercial-grade construction of the Teeter Quad, it doesn’t have to. Designed to withstand most climates and harsh weather conditions, the RockWell Teeter Quad assures you a robust and resilient playground feature that will keep children entertained for years to come.

    Perfect for Various Venues:
    Whether it’s a daycare, preschool, church, or community playground, the RockWell Teeter Quad is the perfect addition. Its universal appeal and thoughtful design make it a suitable play element for diverse settings.

    The RockWell Teeter Quad is more than just a piece of Freestanding playground equipment; it’s a celebration of childhood, a lesson in cooperation, and a symbol of trust and quality. It’s where outdoor activity meets imagination, where safety meets excitement, and where the timeless joy of a seesaw meets the innovative spirit of a spring rider.

    Take your playground experience to unparalleled heights with the RockWell Teeter Quad. Let the laughter of children resonate through your playground, let the bonds of friendship strengthen, and let the joys of childhood flourish.

    The RockWell Teeter Quad – where playtime is fun, safe, cooperative, and simply unforgettable!

    Age Group:2 to 5 years
    Child Capacity:4
    Use Zone Length (ft):23
    Use Zone Width (ft):14
    Timbers Required:TBD
    Post Diameter:TBD

    • Posts: Metal
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Plastics: Roto Molded

    Shipping: Freight
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