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46″ Regal Round Web Table with 4 Attached Seats, In-Ground Mount

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Introducing the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table: A durable and versatile commercial outdoor furniture solution. This heavy-duty picnic table features a strong 2-3/8-inch metal framework with a modern design of gently curved arcs. Its powder-coated frame and textured polyethylene coated diamond-shaped expanded metal tabletop ensure resistance to harsh weather conditions. The table’s diamond lattice design allows for cooling airflow, keeping guests comfortable and reducing maintenance time. With options for different mounting styles and a range of color choices, the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table is perfect for schools, offices, zoos, shopping centers, and more. Elevate your outdoor space with this durable and stylish picnic table.

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    46″ Regal Round Web Table with Attached Seats, In-Ground/ Surface Mount

    Commercial Playground Site Furniture

    Introducing the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table: A Durable and Versatile Commercial Outdoor Furniture Solution

    Enhance your outdoor space with the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table, a remarkable piece of heavy-duty commercial outdoor furniture designed to withstand the test of time. This meticulously crafted picnic table features a sturdy framework made of strong 2-3/8-inch metal, skillfully shaped into a modern design characterized by elegant, gently curved arcs. With its combination of functionality and aesthetics, this picnic table is sure to elevate any outdoor setting.

    Built to endure the rigors of constant use, the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table boasts a powder-coated frame that provides exceptional durability and resistance to the harshest weather conditions. This protective finish ensures that your investment remains in pristine condition, undimmed by the passage of time. The backless seats and tabletop are constructed using diamond-shaped expanded metal, further reinforced with a textured polyethylene coating. This combination of materials guarantees exceptional longevity, making the picnic table impervious to the effects of heavy use and exposure to the elements.

    One of the standout features of the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table is its innovative design, which allows cooling air to flow through the diamond lattice. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that guests remain cool and comfortable, even in the warmest of climates. Additionally, this intelligent design reduces maintenance time, as rainwater easily drains away from the tabletop, enabling quicker accessibility to the picnic table. With the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table, you can effortlessly create an inviting and hassle-free outdoor environment for your patrons or visitors.

    Thanks to its rounded shape, this versatile picnic table opens up a myriad of possibilities for installation. It is equally at home in a schoolyard, office break area, zoo, or shopping center. The Regal Round WEB Picnic Table is carefully designed to complement any outdoor space and seamlessly blend with various architectural styles. Whether you require commercial outdoor picnic tables for a public park, a playground picnic table, or outdoor seating for a bustling urban setting, this table is the perfect solution.

    To cater to your specific needs, the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table offers different mounting options depending on the number of seats you choose. The four-seat option is available with an in-ground mount or a combination surface/portable mount, providing flexibility and adaptability to your space. On the other hand, the three-seat option comes exclusively with an in-ground mount. This customization ensures that the picnic table integrates seamlessly into your outdoor environment, meeting both practical and aesthetic requirements.

    Furthermore, the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table allows you to personalize your outdoor space by offering a range of color options. You can effortlessly match the hues of the picnic table to the existing design elements, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. For more information on the available color choices, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable sales team. They will gladly assist you in finding the perfect color palette to complement your space.

    In conclusion, the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table stands as a premier example of heavy-duty commercial outdoor furniture. Its durability, elegant design, and versatile installation options make it an ideal choice for any commercial setting. With its weather-resistant finishes, cooling airflow design, and customizable colors, this picnic table guarantees both longevity and visual appeal. Elevate your outdoor space with the Regal Round WEB Picnic Table and create an inviting and comfortable environment for your guests or customers.

    **The Actual Product and Image can vary**

    **Custom Color Option Available**

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