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R-Town Barn

  • Brand: SII
  • SKU:47505
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The R-Town Barn is a commercial playhouse designed for children aged 2 to 12 years, ideal for enhancing outdoor playgrounds and schoolyards with its rustic farm theme. This play structure features vibrant designs reminiscent of a classic barn, complete with large windows and doorways for safety and visibility. It provides a dynamic environment for children to engage in imaginative play, such as planting crops and raising animals. Versatile in design, the R-Town Barn can adapt to various playground themes, whether rural or urban, thanks to its customizable color scheme. Constructed in the USA by Superior Recreation, it uses durable, child-safe materials designed to last, ensuring a long-term, safe play setting. Partnering with Pro Playgrounds offers comprehensive support from design to installation, ensuring quality and satisfaction with an industry-leading warranty, making the R-Town Barn a valuable addition to any community playground.


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    R-Town Barn School Playhouse Commercial Playground Equipment

    Commercial Playground Equipment

    R-Town Barn Commercial Playhouse is Packed with Features

    The R-Town Barn is an enchanting commercial playhouse designed for children aged 2 to 12 years, perfect for any outdoor playground or schoolyard. This charming play structure transforms any space into a rustic farm scene, encouraging children to engage in imaginative play and storytelling. Featuring a vibrant design reminiscent of a classic barn, the R-Town Barn offers children a tactile and visually stimulating environment where they can enact various farm-related activities such as planting crops, raising animals, and more.

    The playhouse includes large windows and doorways, enhancing visibility and safety, allowing supervisors to easily watch over children at play. Its sturdy construction and thoughtful design details, such as the simulated barn textures and playful color scheme, make it not only safe but also a visually appealing addition to any play area.

    R-Town Barn Commercial Playhouse Fits Any Theme

    The R-Town Barn is versatile enough to fit into any existing playground theme or to serve as a standout feature within a new installation. Its classic barn design can be seamlessly integrated into rural themes or used as a contrasting element in more urban environments. The color scheme can match surrounding structures, making it a perfect addition to a variety of outdoor settings.

    This adaptability makes the R-Town Barn ideal for fostering a creative and educational playground atmosphere where children can learn about agriculture and rural life, enriching their play experience and broadening their understanding of the world.

    R-Town Barn Commercial Playhouse is Built to Last

    Constructed in the USA by Superior Recreation, the R-Town Barn is made from high-quality, durable materials that are built to withstand both the elements and the energetic play of children. The materials used are selected for their durability and ability to maintain their appearance over time, ensuring that the playhouse remains a safe and inviting environment for years to come.

    The structure’s design focuses on longevity and child safety, featuring non-toxic materials and rounded edges to prevent injuries. It’s designed to endure the rigorous use of daily play, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for any community.

    Trust and Expertise with Pro Playgrounds

    Choosing the R-Town Barn from Pro Playgrounds is more than just purchasing a play structure; it’s investing in a partnership with a leader in playground innovation. Our team is committed to providing full support from conceptual design to installation, ensuring that every aspect of your playground project is handled with expertise and care.

    Pro Playgrounds is renowned for its reliability, competence, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our industry-leading warranty reflects our dedication to quality and underscores our promise to deliver not only a play structure but a comprehensive playground solution.

    Contact us today to bring the R-Town Barn to your community’s playground. Let Pro Playgrounds help you transform your space into a vibrant and imaginative play area that will delight children and serve as a cherished community landmark. Trust us to make your project a success, creating a lasting source of joy and creative exploration for the children it serves.

    Weight: 575 LBS
    Age Group:2 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:TBD
    Use Zone Length (ft):TBD
    Use Zone Width (ft):TBD
    • Timeless colors and classic appeal
    • Ideal for pretend farm scenarios, enhancing dramatic play
    • Roof offers shade and protection from the elements
    • Broad doorways and windows allow easy adult supervision
    Shipping: Freight