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Poseidon’s Hideout Playground Climber

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PFS013

Introduce undersea-themed fun to your playground with Poseidon’s Hideout, a captivating play structure that offers a variety of activities. Children can crawl under or climb on top of the arched shape, while the flat ridges provide easy climbing access. The broad top surface allows for sitting or imaginative “surfing.” Dive into the tunnel to discover detailed 3D images of sea creatures, fish, coral, and octopi that children can see and touch. With a clearance of about three feet, navigating the tunnel is easy for young adventurers. Poseidon’s Hideout sparks imagination, social interaction, and physical development. Transform your playground into an underwater wonderland.


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    Immerse your playground in a world of undersea excitement with Poseidon’s Hideout, a captivating new play structure designed to ignite the imaginations of children. Featuring an arched shape, this innovative play equipment offers endless opportunities for exploration. Children can crawl under the arch or climb on top, experiencing the thrill of conquering new heights.

    The outer sides of Poseidon’s Hideout are equipped with flat ridges, providing easy and safe climbing access for young adventurers. The broad top surface invites children to sit, relax, and even engage in imaginative play as they pretend to surf the wave. But the real aquatic adventure awaits within the depths.

    Delve into the mysteries of the deep as children plunge into the tunnel of Poseidon’s Hideout. With its inviting entrance and holes on either side, kids can choose their preferred mode of submersion. As they venture through the tunnel, they will be greeted by the cheerful visages of smiling sea creatures. The tunnel’s underside is adorned with intricately detailed 3D images, showcasing vibrant fish, captivating coral, and delightful octopi. Children can not only see but also feel the textures of these marine wonders, further enhancing their sensory experience.

    Navigating the tunnel is a breeze, as it provides ample clearance of about three feet, ensuring easy passage for youngsters. With Poseidon’s Hideout, children can immerse themselves in a world of imaginative play, exploring the wonders of the sea while honing their physical abilities and spatial awareness.

    Infuse your playground with the allure of the underwater realm by incorporating Poseidon’s Hideout. This extraordinary play structure invites children to embark on undersea adventures, fostering creativity, social interaction, and physical development. Dive into a world of fun and discovery with Poseidon’s Hideout, the ultimate aquatic escapade for young explorers. Contact us today to make a splash in your playground with this remarkable play structure.

    Weight: 515 LBS
    Age Group:2 to 12 years
    Use Zone Length (ft):22
    Use Zone Width (ft):20
    Timbers Required:22

    • Plastics: Roto Molded

    Lead time: 3-5 Days
    Shipping: Freight
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