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Planter Bench Combo

The Planter Bench Combo is a versatile and eco-friendly addition to outdoor spaces, including streetscapes, schools, and patios. This innovative combination features a 6′ flat bench and two 22″ outdoor planter boxes, providing both seating and greenery. What sets it apart is its adaptability, allowing you to create custom configurations and shapes, be it “U” or “S” arrangements or straight lines for efficient traffic management. Crafted from solid recycled HDPE plastic, it offers durability and sustainability in seven nature-inspired colors. Enhance your environment, customize your space, and enjoy a seamless blend of functionality and style with the Planter Bench Combo.


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    Planter Bench Combo

    Commercial Outdoor Site Receptable

    Enhance your outdoor space with our versatile Planter Bench Combo, designed to create a welcoming atmosphere in streetscapes, schools, and patios. This innovative combo consists of a 6′ flat bench and two 22″ outdoor planter boxes, offering a unique seating experience. The beauty of this product lies in its adaptability; you can mix and match additional benches and planters to customize your configuration. Shape them in “U” or “S” patterns for cozy conversation areas or align them for efficient foot traffic management with seating on both sides.

    Crafted from solid recycled HDPE plastic, the Planter Bench Combo ensures sustainability and longevity. Its availability in seven nature-inspired colors allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your indoor or outdoor environment while adding a touch of elegance.

    This Planter Bench Combo is more than just functional; it’s a statement of versatility and style. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize a public space, create a cozy corner in your school, or transform your patio, our Planter Bench Combo is your go-to solution.

    Elevate Your Environment:
    Imagine a vibrant streetscape where people gather to chat, a welcoming schoolyard that fosters community, or a picturesque patio for relaxation – all brought to life by the Planter Bench Combo. Its clever design adds aesthetic appeal while providing seating and greenery, transforming any space into an inviting oasis.

    Customize Your Space:
    Our Planter Bench Combo offers endless possibilities. Tailor your outdoor area to your liking by adding more benches or planters. Whether you want to create a curved seating arrangement, define pathways, or surround your space with greenery, our product adapts to your vision.

    Durable and Sustainable:
    Constructed from solid recycled HDPE plastic, our Planter Bench Combo is built to withstand the elements while making an eco-friendly choice. Say goodbye to rotting wood and constant maintenance – this combo ensures long-lasting beauty and functionality.

    Colors That Inspire:
    With seven nature-inspired colors to choose from, you can harmonize your Planter Bench Combo with the surrounding environment. Whether you prefer earthy tones, classic neutrals, or vibrant shades, our color options allow for seamless integration into your space.

    Versatile Seating and Planting:
    The flat bench provides comfortable seating, while the outdoor planter boxes offer an ideal space for plants, flowers, or even small trees. The combination of seating and greenery adds life and vitality to your setting.

    Endless Arrangement Possibilities:
    From lively urban plazas to serene garden corners, the Planter Bench Combo can adapt to any setting. Experiment with different layouts to create unique atmospheres for your community to enjoy.

    Quality and Style Combined:
    This combo isn’t just about functionality; it’s a symbol of quality and style. Elevate the aesthetics of your space while ensuring it remains a functional, inviting area for everyone.

    Make a lasting impression with our Planter Bench Combo – where versatility meets beauty. Transform your surroundings into a place that encourages interaction, relaxation, and appreciation of the outdoors. Invest in a solution that adapts to your needs and contributes to a sustainable, vibrant community.

    • Planks and Frame: Composite / Recycled Plastic, HDPE Sheet 
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel

    Shipping: Freight