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Pikes Peak Playground System

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PMF018
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The Pikes Peak play structure is an exhilarating playground masterpiece designed to captivate children aged 5-12. It offers an abundance of exciting features, including multiple slides such as a double slide, right turn slide, and spiral slide. Climbing options abound with a sea creature climber, pod climber, and snake climber. Interactive panels like the clock panel, gear panel, and bubble panel inspire hands-on fun and learning. ADA compliance is ensured through sensory elements like a rain wheel, single drum, bongos, and a car panel. The structure also provides a bench panel for rest and shade from the hip shingle and hexagonal roofs. The Pikes Peak play structure guarantees an unforgettable play experience that fosters imagination, development, and social interaction.


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    Pikes Peak Commercial Playground System

    Commercial Playground Equipment

    Step into a world of endless excitement with the incredible Pikes Peak play structure. This extraordinary play area offers a multitude of thrilling elements that will ignite the imaginations of children aged 5-12. With a range of panels, climbers, and slides to choose from, this structure truly has it all.

    As children navigate the L-shaped design, they are presented with an array of exhilarating slide options. They can zoom down the double slide, twist and turn on the right turn slide, or embark on a thrilling spiral slide adventure. Each slide offers a unique experience, ensuring hours of pure joy and excitement.

    To add to the fun, a sea creature climber grants access to the middle of the structure, providing an engaging climbing challenge for young adventurers. Moreover, an elevated hexagonal platform boasts a pod climber and a snake climber, further expanding the climbing possibilities and promoting physical development.

    The Pikes Peak play structure also incorporates interactive panels that stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. A clock panel, gear panel, and bubble panel offer hands-on fun and learning opportunities, encouraging cognitive development and imaginative play.

    Inclusivity is a top priority, and the Pikes Peak play structure ensures compliance with ADA standards. A rain wheel, single drum, bongos, and a car panel provide sensory stimulation and interactive play options for children of all abilities. Additionally, a bench panel offers a resting spot for children to catch their breath when they need a break from the excitement.

    Safety and comfort are paramount, with the inclusion of a hip shingle and hexagonal roof. These features provide ample shade, protecting children from the sun’s rays and creating a comfortable play environment even on sunny days.

    The Pikes Peak play structure is a true haven for adventure, creativity, and exploration. With its diverse range of elements, ADA compliance, and thoughtful design, this play area promises unforgettable moments of joy, growth, and social interaction for children.

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    Weight: 2800 LBS
    Age Group:5 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:57
    Use Zone Length (ft):41
    Use Zone Width (ft):35
    Timbers Required:38
    Post Diameter:4.5"
    • Transfer Station
    • 3 Different Types of Slides
    • 5 Different Types of Panels
    • Sea Creature Climber
    • Ship's Wheel
    • Pod Climber
    • Snake Climber
    • Rain Wheel
    • Bongos
    • Single Drum

    • Posts: Steel, Powder Coated Finish
    • Decks: Steel, 12 Gauge, PVC Coated Finish
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Plastics: Roto Molded
    • Standards: IPEMA, ISO, ASTM

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