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Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Introducing the Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield: a 4-way tabletop barrier with 1/2-inch thick clear lexan for your commercial outdoor furniture. Designed to fit Superior’s 6-foot tables, it ensures a safe outdoor dining or classroom experience. Durable and weather-resistant, the kit includes two interlocking lexan pieces and all hardware. Prioritize health and wellness in playgrounds, parks, or outdoor seating areas with this essential safety shield, fostering secure and enjoyable communal interactions. Trust in Superior Outdoor Furnishings to deliver quality and innovation, elevating your outdoor settings to new heights. Choose the Lexan Safety Shield and prioritize safety today.

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Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield

Commercial School Equipment

Introducing the Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield: Elevating Health and Wellness in Outdoor Settings

Enhance your commercial outdoor furniture with our innovative Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield, a cutting-edge solution designed to foster health and wellness in any outdoor dining or classroom setting. Engineered with utmost precision, this safety shield provides a 4-way tabletop barrier, constructed from robust 1/2-inch thick clear lexan material, to ensure safe and comfortable interactions in communal spaces. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the potential of outdoor seating with this essential addition to your commercial picnic tables.

Built to Fit: Versatility at Its Best
At Superior Outdoor Furnishings, we understand the importance of adaptability and seamless integration into your existing commercial outdoor picnic tables. Our Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield is tailor-made to fit effortlessly with any of Superior’s 6-foot tables, ensuring that your investment in this safety enhancement is a seamless experience. Each shield kit comprises two interlocking pieces of durable lexan, carefully crafted to blend functionality with style. The kit also includes all the necessary hardware, making installation a breeze for you and your team.

Uncompromising Strength: Heavy-Duty Commercial Outdoor Furniture
We recognize that durability and longevity are paramount for any commercial outdoor seating solution. That’s why our Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield is engineered using top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing techniques, guaranteeing unparalleled strength and resistance to the elements. The 1/2-inch thick clear lexan material provides exceptional sturdiness while allowing for a crystal-clear view, unobtrusively complementing your outdoor environment.

Seamless Integration: A Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Setting
Whether you manage a bustling park, playground, or outdoor dining area, our Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield is the ideal choice to foster a safe and enjoyable experience. The shield’s sleek design ensures it seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics of your outdoor portable picnic table, enhancing the overall ambiance without detracting from the natural beauty of the surroundings. Prioritize the well-being of your patrons or students, all while offering a visually appealing and comfortable outdoor setting.

Health and Safety First: Redefining Communal Interactions
In a world where health and safety are paramount, our Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield redefines communal interactions, allowing you to facilitate gatherings with confidence. Creating a 4-way tabletop barrier, the shield acts as a protective shield, reducing the risk of airborne particles transmission and providing a sense of security for everyone involved. Whether it’s a vibrant outdoor classroom or a jovial picnic setup, this safety shield instills trust and peace of mind among users.

Weather the Elements: Your Shield for All Seasons
The unpredictability of the great outdoors is no match for our Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield. Its robust construction ensures resilience against various weather conditions, from scorching summers to rainy days. Rest assured that your investment in this safety shield will stand the test of time, offering reliable performance throughout the seasons.

Prioritize Safety Today: Choose the Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield
When it comes to commercial outdoor furniture, Superior Outdoor Furnishings stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Our Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield is a testament to our commitment to creating a better and safer outdoor experience for all. With seamless integration, uncompromising strength, and an unwavering focus on health and safety, this shield is a must-have addition to your outdoor settings.

So why wait? Elevate your outdoor seating experience today with the Lexan Outdoor Classroom Safety Shield and embark on a journey of fostering well-being, trust, and unforgettable moments in your commercial outdoor spaces.

**The Actual Product and Image can vary**

**Custom Color Option Available**

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