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Open Round Table

The Open Round Table is the ultimate choice for schools and restaurants, combining practical step-thru seating with a robust, low-maintenance design. Versatility defines its character, as it gracefully serves as an outdoor picnic table, a study hub in university quads, a platform for games or cards, or a versatile activity table. Its construction is a blend of recycled plastic lumber for the frame and HDPE sheet plastic for the tabletop and seats, ensuring durability and sustainability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers abundant legroom and provides an extensive palette of 36 color combinations, allowing you to customize it to your preferences and settings.


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    Open Round Table

    Commercial Outdoor Site Furniture

    Introducing the Open Round Table: Where Versatility Meets Durability and Style!

    In the realm of versatile outdoor seating solutions, the Open Round Table stands as a beacon of adaptability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. This table is not just a piece of playground equipment; it’s a symbol of functionality and design excellence.

    The Go-To Choice:

    The Open Round Table has quickly become the preferred choice for schools and restaurants alike. It seamlessly blends step-thru seating with a design that prioritizes durability and low maintenance. This versatility makes it an ideal addition to a wide range of settings, from outdoor picnics to university quads and indoor study areas.

    Unmatched Durability:

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Open Round Table is designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor use while maintaining its beauty and functionality. The frame is constructed with recycled plastic lumber, ensuring both sustainability and longevity. HDPE sheet plastic is used for the tabletop and seats, adding to its robustness and low maintenance requirements.

    Indoor and Outdoor Excellence:

    While the Open Round Table is built to brave outdoor weather, its elegant design and functionality make it equally suitable for indoor use. Whether it’s enhancing an outdoor patio, creating a collaborative study space, or hosting card games, this table seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings.

    Abundant Legroom:

    The large, open design of the table provides ample legroom, ensuring that users can sit comfortably without feeling cramped. It’s a thoughtful design element that prioritizes user comfort and convenience.

    A Color Palette to Suit Every Preference:

    With a staggering 36 color combinations to choose from (3 frame colors with 12 top/seat colors), you’re sure to find the perfect combination that suits your aesthetic preferences and complements your outdoor or indoor space.

    Why Choose the Open Round Table?

    1. Versatile Excellence: Ideal for schools, restaurants, parks, and more, offering adaptability in various settings.

    2. Built to Last: Crafted with recycled plastic lumber and HDPE sheet plastic for long-lasting durability.

    3. Indoor and Outdoor Use: Seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering functionality in both environments.

    4. Abundant Legroom: Thoughtfully designed for user comfort with ample legroom.

    5. Aesthetic Freedom: Choose from 36 color combinations to match your style and preferences.

    Elevate Your Seating Experience with the Open Round Table:

    Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your outdoor or indoor spaces with a table that combines versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to create an inviting patio, a school administrator seeking functional study areas, or a park manager enhancing picnic spots, the Open Round Table offers it all.

    Experience the adaptability, durability, and style of the Open Round Table for yourself. Contact us today to place your order and embark on a journey to elevate your outdoor and indoor areas with a table that seamlessly blends form and function. Welcome the Open Round Table into your space and witness how it transforms your surroundings into an inviting and versatile hub of activity and social interaction.

    Weight: 123 LBS
    Use Zone Width (ft):TBD
    Use Zone Length (ft):TBD

    • Planks and Frame: Composite / Recycled Plastic, HDPE Sheet 
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel

    Shipping: Freight