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Mushrooms Gong

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Introducing Mushrooms Gong, a whimsical addition to commercial-grade playground equipment. These charming musical mushrooms delight children and adults alike with resounding gong sounds when their whimsical caps are struck. The Mushroom Ensemble, consisting of three musical mushrooms, creates a mesmerizing symphony when played together, fostering collaboration and musical creativity. Sold by ProPlaygrounds, renowned playground experts, Mushrooms Gong infuse any outdoor environment with enchanting melodies, encouraging exploration and play. From parks to schoolyards, they make a delightful statement. These instruments are more than just equipment; they are a catalyst for unity, creativity, and a lifelong love for music, transforming playgrounds into harmonious havens.

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    Mushrooms Gong

    Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

    Introducing Mushrooms Gong: Where Playful Melodies Bloom!

    Step into a world of musical wonder with Mushrooms Gong, an enchanting addition to our collection of commercial-grade playground equipment. These delightful Mushrooms Gong aren’t just instruments; they’re the key to unlocking a symphony of joy and creativity in your outdoor space.

    Mushrooms Gong: Where Music Meets Play

    Children and adults alike will be captivated by the enchanting sound and gentle vibrations produced by our whimsical Musical Mushrooms Gong. With every strike of the whimsical cap, a resounding gong fills the air, turning your playground into a garden of musical delight. It’s more than just equipment; it’s an invitation to explore the world of sound and imagination.

    An Ensemble of Musical Magic

    Our Mushroom Ensemble is designed to inspire collaboration and shared creativity. When all three of these charming Mushrooms Gong are played simultaneously, the result is a mesmerizing symphony that stirs the hearts and minds of all who listen. It’s a harmonious experience that encourages teamwork and fosters a lifelong love for music.

    A Whimsical Statement in Every Environment

    Mushrooms Gong make a stunning statement in any outdoor setting. Their whimsical design adds a touch of charm and elegance to your playground, creating an enchanting oasis of music and play. Whether in a park, schoolyard, or community space, these musical treasures invite exploration, laughter, and endless creativity.

    Sold by Pro Playgrounds: Your Playground Experts

    Mushrooms Gong are brought to you by Pro Playgrounds, a name synonymous with quality and expertise in playground equipment. We provide turnkey solutions to ensure your playground and recreational projects are completed with professionalism and efficiency. As a family-owned and operated playground company, we’ve served communities nationwide for years, always putting client satisfaction first.

    Projects of All Sizes and Shapes

    At Pro Playgrounds, we take pride in handling projects of all sizes and shapes. Whether it’s a cozy play corner or a sprawling park, we possess the knowledge and dedication to bring your playground dreams to life. Our mission is to create outdoor spaces that inspire joy, creativity, and lasting memories.

    Elevate Your Playground’s Symphony

    Mushrooms Gong are more than playground equipment; they’re a catalyst for creativity and unity. They encourage children to explore the world of music, fostering a lifelong appreciation for rhythm and harmony. It’s a chance for friends to create beautiful melodies together, strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories.

    Transform Your Playground with Mushrooms Gong Today!

    Don’t miss the opportunity to infuse your community’s playground with the magical melodies of Mushrooms Gong. Contact us today, and let us help you bring the joy of music to your outdoor space. Together, we’ll create a symphony of happiness and harmony that will resonate for generations to come.

    Experience the Magic of Mushrooms Gong – Where Imagination Meets Music!


    **The Product image might not match up the title**

    **Shipping included in the Price**

    • Style: Bell
    • Tonal Quality: Gong/Sustaining
    • Notes: 1 Note Per Mushroom
    • Resonated: No
    • Key/Scale: N/A
    • Range: Bass
    • Mallet: 1 Black (50 Durometer) per Mushroom
    • Dimensions:
    • Small: 26- 1/2”H x 20-1/4”W x 19-7/8”D
      Medium: 28-1/8”H x 24.3/8”H x 24”D
      Large: 30- 1/2”H x 27-7/8”W X 27-1/2”D

    Material: Anodized Aluminum

    Shipping: Freight