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Lilypad Cymbals

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Introducing the Lilypad Cymbals by Freenotes Harmony Park, a captivating addition to playgrounds that invites users to create rhythmic fun by striking multi-layered circular discs with three included mallets. Unlike traditional drum set cymbals, these offer a wide variety of tones, enhancing musical depth and versatility. Available in two attractive colors, silver and green, they complement any playground’s aesthetic. Sold by Proplaygrounds, experts in playground equipment, the Lilypad Cymbals promise professional installation. Whether you’re a budding musician or seeking to infuse creativity into your playground, these instruments provide an opportunity for all ages to explore the joy of music and rhythm.


Lilypad Cymbals

Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

Introducing the Lilypad Cymbals – Your Gateway to Rhythmic Play!

Discover a world of musical exploration with the Lilypad Cymbals, an enchanting addition to Freenotes Harmony Park’s lineup. Designed for creative play, these multi-layered circular discs beckon users to strike them with three individual mallets, offering a delightful journey into the world of rhythm.

Create Layers of Rhythmic Fun

Hop onto the Lilypad Cymbals and let your imagination take flight! These unique instruments provide an opportunity to experiment with rhythm and melody like never before. Strike the circular discs with the included mallets to craft your own musical symphony.

Unlock a World of Tones

Unlike traditional cymbals found on a drum set, the Lilypad Cymbals offer a diverse range of tones, adding depth and dimension to your musical creations. Whether you’re playing solo or collaborating with others on Freenotes Harmony Park instruments, these cymbals provide a rich palette of sounds to explore.

Choose Your Color

The Lilypad Cymbals are available in two stunning colors: silver and green. Select the shade that best complements your playground’s aesthetics and adds a touch of visual delight to your outdoor space.

A Perfect Addition to Your Playground 

Sold by Proplaygrounds, experts in playground equipment, the Lilypad Cymbals are more than just instruments; they’re an invitation to play, create, and experience the joy of music. With our professional setup services, you can rest assured that your Lilypad Cymbals will be installed securely and ready for hours of musical exploration.

Unleash Your Inner Musician

Whether you’re a budding musician or simply looking to add a touch of magic to your playground, the Lilypad Cymbals are your ticket to a world of rhythmic fun. Let the sounds of these enchanting instruments fill your outdoor space and inspire creativity in children and adults alike.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your playground with the Lilypad Cymbals , available in silver or green. Contact Proplaygrounds today to bring the joy of music to your outdoor space and let the rhythm play!

Experience the Magic of Lilypad Cymbals – Where Music and Play Unite!

**Shipping included in the Price**

  • Style: Crotales
  • Tonal Quality: Bright/ Sustaining
  • Notes: 10
  • Note Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Resonated: No
  • Key/Scale: C Major Pentatonic
  • Range: Alto/Soprano
  • Mallets: 3 Black (80 Durometer)

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Shipping: Freight