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Large Message Center

Upgrade your communication strategy with the Large Message Center, a premium bulletin board designed for parks, playgrounds, and commercial spaces. It offers versatile mounting options, including wall-mounted and post-mounted versions. The standout feature is its scratch and shatter-resistant poly-carbonate window, ensuring your messages stay visible and secure. The interior tack board, made from recycled rubber, guarantees longevity without rot or warping. Security is a priority with a tamper-resistant stainless steel piano hinge and a locking door. Choose the Large Message Center for a durable, visible, and secure platform to convey vital information effectively in various settings.


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    Large Message Center

    Commercial Outdoor Site Receptable

    Large Message Center: Your Premium Bulletin Board Solution

    Introducing the Large Message Center, a premium bulletin board designed to elevate your communication efforts in parks, playgrounds, and commercial spaces. With its robust features and thoughtful construction, this message center provides the perfect platform for sharing information with your audience.

    Versatile Bulletin Board:

    The Large Message Center serves as a wall-mounted bulletin board, offering a dynamic way to showcase messages, announcements, and important information. For added flexibility, it’s also available as a single or double-sided option mounted on sturdy 4”x 4” posts.

    Poly-Carbonate Window:

    One of the standout features of this message center is its poly-carbonate window. It’s not only stronger than acrylic but also scratch and shatter-resistant, ensuring the longevity and visibility of your messages. Your content will remain safe and easily accessible.

    Durable Tack Board:

    Say goodbye to traditional cork boards that can deteriorate over time. The interior tack board of the Large Message Center is constructed from recycled rubber, guaranteeing durability and resistance to rot or warping. This ensures that your messages remain securely pinned, and the board remains in pristine condition.

    Tamper-Resistant Design:

    Security is paramount. The Large Message Center is equipped with a tamper-resistant stainless steel piano hinge and a locking door to protect your valuable contents. Rest assured that your messages will remain secure and untouched.

    Why Choose the Large Message Center?

    1. Versatility: Wall-mounted or post-mounted options for various applications.

    2. Poly-Carbonate Window: Scratch and shatter-resistant for message visibility.

    3. Durable Tack Board: Recycled rubber tack board that won’t rot or warp.

    4. Security: Tamper-resistant hinge and locking door for content protection.

    Elevate Your Communication:

    Whether you’re a park manager striving to keep visitors informed, a playground supervisor focused on enhancing safety, or a business owner committed to effective communication, the Large Message Center is your solution.

    Experience the convenience, durability, and security of our Large Message Center. Contact us today to place your order and transform the way you communicate with your audience. Choose a message center that offers durability, visibility, and security for your valuable content. The Large Message Center: Where premium quality meets effective communication for parks, playgrounds, and beyond!

    Weight: LBS

    • Planks and Frame: Composite / Recycled Plastic, HDPE Sheet 
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel

    Shipping: Freight