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Kicking Kangaroo Playground System

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PTH004
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The Kicking Kangaroo play structure is an exciting and inclusive playset designed for children aged 2 to 12. It offers a range of thrilling activities, including climbing, sliding, and racing friends down double slides. Accessible by elephant stairs, a pod climber, or regular stairs, children can choose their preferred route. The playset features charming toppers like a monkey, flower, and parrot, captivating young imaginations. Interactive panels such as a bubble panel, tic-tac-toe panel, and ship’s wheel provide additional engagement. It is ADA compliant, with features like a tree house counter panel and a stump window panel. With a focus on fun, adventure, and inclusivity, the Kicking Kangaroo play structure guarantees hours of active enjoyment for children.


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    Kicking Kangaroo Commercial Playground System

    Tree House Commercial Playground Equipment

    Engage the imagination and energy of young adventurers with the exciting Kicking Kangaroo play structure. Designed to cater to children aged 2 to 12, this captivating playset offers an array of thrilling activities and a multitude of captivating features. Children will eagerly ascend the vibrant structure, choosing between multiple access points, including the elephant stairs, the pod climber, or the regular stairs.

    Upon reaching the first platform, an exhilarating challenge awaits as kids can race their friends down a thrilling double slide. The excitement doesn’t end there – for those seeking an extra adrenaline rush, they can scale their way up to the highest elevated platform, ready to embark on an exciting journey down the spiral slide. Alternatively, a series of suspended platforms provide another path for exploration before descending down yet another exhilarating double slide, inviting friendly competitions and endless laughter.

    The Kicking Kangaroo play structure is thoughtfully adorned with charming toppers that captivate children’s attention and spark their imagination. A mischievous monkey topper, a vibrant flower topper, and a lively parrot topper add an extra layer of whimsy and fun to the playset, ensuring every child’s delight and enjoyment.

    But the excitement doesn’t stop at the physical activities. This play structure also features an assortment of interactive panels that engage children’s minds and creativity. A mesmerizing bubble panel enchants young ones with its swirling colors and captivating motion, while a tic tac toe panel offers an opportunity for friendly competitions and strategic thinking. Additionally, a ship’s wheel allows children to embark on imaginary adventures, steering their course through uncharted waters and discovering hidden treasures.

    Furthermore, the Kicking Kangaroo play structure ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all children. It proudly adheres to ADA compliance standards, incorporating features that promote inclusiveness and equal participation. A tree house counter panel provides an interactive space where children can play, socialize, and engage in imaginative role-playing scenarios. A cleverly designed stump window panel allows children of all abilities to experience the joy of exploration and observation, fostering a sense of connection with the natural world.

    In summary, the Kicking Kangaroo play structure is a versatile and engaging playset that combines thrilling physical activities with interactive features, captivating toppers, and a commitment to inclusivity. Designed to accommodate children aged 2 to 12, it offers a wide range of adventures and encourages social interaction, imaginative play, and physical development. Discover the joy and wonder this play structure brings as young explorers leap into action, embracing endless hours of active fun, laughter, and shared memories.

    Weight: 3875 LBS
    Age Group:2 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:50
    Use Zone Length (ft):36
    Use Zone Width (ft):36
    Post Diameter:5"
    Timbers Required:30
    • 2X Double Slides
    • 6' Spiral Slide
    • Parrot Topper
    • Tree Topper
    • Monkey Topper
    • Gable Roof
    • Stump Window Panel
    • Stump Store Panel
    • Pod Climber
    • Elephant Stairs

    • Posts: Steel, Powder Coated Finish
    • Decks: Steel, 12 Gauge, PVC Coated Finish
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Plastics: Roto Molded
    • Standards: IPEMA, ISO, ASTM

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