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Journeys End Playground System

  • Brand: QPC
  • SKU:PMF060
ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Experience the enchantment of the Middle Ages with the Journeys End play structure. This captivating playground invites children to explore a world of pointed castle roofs and stone-colored climbers, igniting their imagination with royal kingdoms and epic battles. With various climbing options like Rock Hole Climbers, Wavy PE Rock Climbing Wall, and Jungle Climber, children can enhance their coordination, strength, and balance. The castle platform features multiple slides, including impressive eight-foot Spiral Slides. Modern structures like Pod and Pebble Climbers offer balance challenges, while the Standing Orbital Spinner engages the vestibular system. The Combination Manhole Rope Climber with Side Nets provides a total-body workout. Let Journeys End crown children as the Kings and Queens of play.


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    Journeys End Commercial Playground System

    Castle Themed Commercial Playground Equipment

    Embark on a captivating journey back to the enchanting Middle Ages with the magnificent Journeys End play structure! Immerse yourself in the world of pointed castle roofs and stone-colored plastic climbers, igniting the imagination with visions of mini-cities, bustling with noble Kings, graceful Queens, and epic battles. Prepare to storm the castle walls, scaling the heights of adventure through a variety of thrilling climbing options. Conquer the Rock Hole Climbers, conquer the Wavy PE Rock Climbing Wall, or navigate the challenging Jungle Climber. These exhilarating activities not only promise endless fun but also provide remarkable opportunities for children to enhance their coordination, strength, and balance, promoting physical development while fostering a sense of achievement.

    Within the castle’s embrace, children can freely roam and explore, discovering a myriad of slides scattered across the platform, including the magnificent eight-foot Spiral Slides. Feel the rush of excitement as you glide down these thrilling pathways, capturing the essence of medieval joy and exhilaration.

    Venturing beyond the castle walls, you’ll encounter more modern structures designed to challenge and entertain. Engage in a playful balancing act on the Pod and Pebble Climbers, seamlessly transitioning between the majestic castle and the recreational section. These climbers not only enhance physical balance but also stimulate cognitive skills and spatial awareness.

    Prepare for an exhilarating sensory experience with the Standing Orbital Spinner. As children whirl around, their vestibular system is engaged, fostering a sense of equilibrium and spatial orientation. It’s a whirlwind of delight and an opportunity to unlock their inner sense of balance and coordination.

    But the adventure doesn’t end there! Unleash your inner adventurer as you navigate the Combination Manhole Rope Climber with Side Nets. Climb, swing, and maneuver your way through this exceptional total-body workout, providing a fun-filled challenge that strengthens muscles and promotes physical fitness.

    With every step and every conquest, the Journeys End playground invites children to seize their rightful place as the Kings and Queens of play. Crowned with imagination and boundless joy, they will reign supreme within this captivating realm of medieval-inspired wonder.

    Experience the magic of the Middle Ages, where castles come to life, and dreams are transformed into reality. Let the Journeys End play structure transport you to a world of adventure and imaginative play, where children rule with joy and laughter.

    Weight: 1500 LBS
    Age Group:5 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:42
    Use Zone Length (ft):63
    Use Zone Width (ft):51
    Timbers Required:26
    Post Diameter:4.5"
    • Double Slide
    • Straight Slide
    • (2) Spiral Slides
    • Freestanding Pod Climbers
    • Standing Orbital Spinner
    • Vertical Ladder
    • Chimney Crawl Through Climber
    • Bent Rung Vertical Ladder
    • Pebble Climbers
    • Pebble Climber with Rail
    • Jungle Climber
    • Vertical PE Rock Wall
    • Leaf Climber
    • Figure Climber
    • Wavy PE Rock Climbing Wall
    • Rock Hole Climbers
    • Tic Tac Toe Panel
    • Chime Panel
    • Gear Panel
    • Bubble Panels
    • Percussion Panel
    • Balcony Panel
    • Maze Panel
    • Plinko Panel
    • Drum Panel
    • Transfer Station

    • Posts: Steel, Powder Coated Finish
    • Decks: Steel, 12 Gauge, PVC Coated Finish
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel
    • Plastics: Roto Molded
    • Standards: IPEMA, ISO, ASTM

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