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Innovated Accessible Rectangular Portable Table

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

Introducing the ADA Accessible Innovated Rectangular Portable Picnic Table – Revolutionizing Outdoor Spaces. Lightweight, durable, and wheelchair-friendly, this table enhances any outdoor eating area. With cooling perforations, vibrant customizable colors, and a design that meets ADA accessibility standards, it promotes inclusivity and comfort. Choose from 6 or 8-foot lengths to accommodate various spaces. Create a welcoming environment for social interaction and community engagement with this innovative picnic table.

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    Innovated Accessible Rectangular Portable Table

    Commercial Playground Site Accessible Furniture

    Introducing the ADA Accessible Innovated Rectangular Portable Picnic Table – Revolutionizing Commercial Outdoor Spaces

    With our ADA Accessible Innovated Rectangular Portable Picnic Table, your outdoor location will transform into a place for fun, togetherness, and community. Designed specifically for commercial outdoor environments, this picnic table elevates your site’s appeal, making any outdoor eating area inclusive and comfortable for everyone. Whether it’s a park, playground, or any other public space, this picnic table is a must-have addition to enhance the overall experience.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this perforated picnic table features 5/8-inch holes that allow cooling air to flow through. Not only does this enhance user comfort, but it also ensures that the furniture remains lightweight, making it easy to rearrange the space whenever needed. The innovative design of this picnic table incorporates overhangs, providing wheelchair accessibility like never before. Each overhang offers a generous 24 inches of clearance, allowing wheelchair users to sit right against the table edge without any awkward framework underneath.

    Choose from two versatile sizes – 6 and 8-foot lengths – to suit the unique requirements of your space. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a picnic table with one or two overhangs, providing even greater flexibility in meeting accessibility needs. All of our picnic tables boast vibrant customizable colors that can be tailored to complement your existing surroundings. With a thermoplastic coating on the seat and tabletop, as well as a powder coating finish on the framework, our picnic tables are both fade-resistant and stylish.

    When it comes to heavy-duty commercial outdoor furniture, durability is paramount. Rest assured, our ADA Accessible Innovated Rectangular Portable Picnic Table is built to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. Constructed with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this picnic table is specifically designed for commercial applications. It can withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

    Not only does this picnic table meet the highest standards in accessibility, but it also surpasses expectations in terms of functionality. Whether it’s a bustling park picnic area or a lively playground, our picnic table provides ample seating space for individuals and groups alike. Its rectangular shape allows for easy placement and arrangement, maximizing seating capacity without compromising comfort. With this picnic table, you can create an inviting and accommodating space that encourages social interaction and community engagement.

    As an ADA picnic table, this product goes above and beyond to meet accessibility guidelines, making it an ideal choice for public spaces. It not only ensures a comfortable experience for individuals with disabilities but also promotes inclusivity and equal access for all. By incorporating this picnic table into your outdoor seating area, you demonstrate your commitment to creating an environment that welcomes everyone.

    In summary, the ADA Accessible Innovated Rectangular Portable Picnic Table is a game-changer for commercial outdoor spaces. With its thoughtfully designed features, including cooling perforations, wheelchair-friendly overhangs, vibrant customizable colors, and exceptional durability, this picnic table is the perfect addition to any park, playground, or outdoor seating area. Embrace inclusivity, enhance community engagement, and provide a comfortable and stylish environment for all with this innovative and versatile picnic table.

    **The Actual Product and Image can vary**

    **Custom Color Option Available**

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