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Duet Mettalophone & Marimba

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Introducing the Duet Metallophone & Marimba, a dual-instrument marvel designed for commercial-grade playgrounds. This extraordinary musical fusion combines a marimba’s bright and sustaining tones with the earthy and percussive notes of a metallophone. With 18 distinct notes, it invites collaborative exploration by providing four mallets, allowing multiple players to share in the musical journey. The Duet fosters creativity, community, and a sense of wonder as it transforms your playground into a harmonious symphony of rhythm and melody. It’s more than an instrument; it’s an invitation to unlock creativity, inspire collaboration, and celebrate the joy of making music together. Elevate your park with the Duet Metallophone & Marimba today!


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    Duet Mettalophone & Marimba

    Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

    Introducing the Duet Metallophone & Marimba: Elevate Your Playground with Dual Harmonic Delight!

    Unleash a harmonious symphony of earthly and sustaining sounds in your commercial-grade playground with the extraordinary Duet Metallophone & Marimba. This innovative musical masterpiece combines the enchanting tones of a marimba with the melodious chime of a metallophone, creating a captivating instrument that beckons both the young and the young at heart to explore a world of rhythm and harmony.

    A Dual Musical Marvel

    The Duet is not just an instrument; it’s a fusion of two musical worlds. On one side, you have the marimba, offering bright and sustaining tones that resonate through the air. On the other, the metallophone presents earthy and percussive notes that invite playful exploration. With 18 distinct notes, the Duet ensures a diverse range of sounds that ignite the imagination.

    A Shared Musical Experience

    The Duet is designed for sharing. With four mallets included, it encourages multiple players to come together for an enhanced musical experience. Whether it’s a duet, trio, or quartet, the Duet fosters collaboration, creativity, and a sense of community as players explore rhythmic and chime intonations.

    Specifications That Amaze

    With a resonated design and two distinct scales, the Duet invites players to explore a rich and diverse soundscape, providing an engaging musical adventure.

    A World of Possibilities

    The Duet is more than a musical instrument; it’s an open invitation to unlock creativity and imagination. Children and adults can explore the magic of music, discover the joy of rhythm, and develop their musical talents. As mallets dance across the keys, a world of possibilities unfolds.

    Transform Your Playground into a Symphony

    Imagine the laughter and enchanting melodies filling your playground as children and adults gather around the Duet. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for community, creativity, and the universal language of music. The Duet has the power to transform your park into a harmonious realm of joy and inspiration.

    Elevate Your Park

    The Duet Metallophone & Marimba are the keys to elevating your park to new heights. It fosters musical appreciation, encourages creative collaboration, and celebrates the art of making music. Let the harmonious melodies of the Duet resonate through your playground, creating memories that last a lifetime.

    A Melody of Enchantment

    The Duet is more than just music; it’s a melody of enchantment. It’s a celebration of diversity, harmony, and the pure joy of playing together. Let the Duet Metallophone & Marimba become the heart of your commercial-grade playground, where every note is an invitation to create, collaborate, and celebrate.

    Elevate your park, embrace the power of music, and inspire a world of wonder and play. Choose the Duet Metallophone & Marimba today and let the symphony of imagination and harmony begin!

    **Shipping included in the Price**

    • Style: Chime
    • Tonal Quality: Bass/ Sustaining
    • Notes: 7
    • Resonated: No
    • Key/Scale: C Major Pentatonic
    • Range: Bass/ Tenor
    • Mallets: 4 Gray Mallets
    • Dimensions :Each Chime is 4” in Diameter

    Material: Anodized Aluminum

    Shipping: Freight