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Contrabass Chimes

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Introducing the Contrabass Chimes, a majestic addition to commercial-grade playgrounds that harmoniously combines striking visual elegance with powerful outdoor musical experiences. These towering chimes stand seven to nine feet tall, offering deep, resonant sounds that enchant all who hear them. Their versatile layouts, including a captivating horseshoe arrangement, provide a surround-sound experience for visitors of all ages. Additional chimes are available for customization, and the set includes mallet poles and mallets. Beyond being musical instruments, Contrabass Chimes invite creativity and collaboration, transforming your playground into a harmonious realm of joy and musical wonder. Elevate your park with the Contrabass Chimes and create enduring memories.


Contrabass Chimes

Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

Introducing the Contrabass Chimes: Elevate Your Playground with Majestic Outdoor Music!

Unleash the power of music in your commercial-grade playground with the awe-inspiring Contrabass Chimes. These magnificent instruments not only captivate the eyes with their towering presence but also enchant the ears with their deep, resonant sounds. Elevate your park to new heights and create a symphony of joy and wonder for children and adults alike.

A Sonic Marvel

The Contrabass Chimes offer a truly remarkable outdoor music experience, thanks to their powerful sounds. These chimes produce deep, low resonant tones that resonate through the air, filling your playground with the magic of music. Their enchanting soundscapes will transport visitors to a world of imagination and harmony.

Tower of Elegance

Standing tall at heights ranging from seven to nine feet, the Contrabass Chimes are a stunning visual addition to any playground. Their elegant and towering appearance adds a touch of grandeur to your park, making them a focal point that draws people in. The combination of visual and auditory splendor makes the Contrabass Chimes a captivating playground feature.

Endless Layout Possibilities

Versatility is at the core of the Contrabass Chimes. They can be installed in various layouts, including the intriguing horseshoe shape, allowing children and adults to experience a unique “surround sound” effect. Whether it’s a solo performance or a collaborative musical adventure, the Contrabass Chimes offer endless possibilities for play and creativity.

Expand the Ensemble

To further enrich your musical playground experience, additional chimes can be purchased separately. This flexibility allows you to customize your ensemble and tailor it to your park’s unique needs and preferences. The Contrabass Chimes set includes two mallet poles and four mallets, ensuring that multiple players can join in the musical symphony.

An Invitation to Play

The Contrabass Chimes are not just musical instruments; they are an invitation to play, explore, and create. Children and adults alike can discover the joy of making music together. As fingers gently tap the chimes, a world of creativity, coordination, and collaboration unfolds.

Transform Your Playground

Imagine the awe-struck faces of visitors as they encounter the majestic Contrabass Chimes in your playground. Watch as the enchanting soundscape fills the air, drawing children and adults to engage in musical exploration and play. The Contrabass Chimes have the power to transform your park into a realm of wonder and harmony.

Elevate Your Park

The Contrabass Chimes are more than just musical instruments; they are the keys to unlocking the magic of music in your commercial-grade playground. Elevate your park to new heights, inspire creativity, and foster a sense of community as visitors come together to create symphonies of joy.

A Symphony of Possibilities

The Contrabass Chimes are your gateway to a symphony of possibilities. They encourage creativity, collaboration, and a deep appreciation for the art of making music. Let the harmonious melodies of the Contrabass Chimes resonate through your playground, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Elevate your park, embrace the power of music, and inspire a world of wonder and play. Choose the Contrabass Chimes today and let the magic of music become a part of your commercial-grade playground, where every note is a step towards a harmonious and joyful community. Pro Playgrounds offer more than just quality; we provide turnkey solutions to ensure your playground and recreational projects are executed with professionalism and precision. As a family-owned and operated playground company, we’ve been dedicated to serving communities across the nation for years, with a commitment to client satisfaction at the forefront.

**Shipping included in the Price**

  • Style: Chime
  • Tonal Quality: Bass/ Sustaining
  • Notes: 7
  • Note Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Resonated: No
  • Key/Scale: C Major Pentatonic
  • Range: Bass/ Tenor
  • Mallets: 4 Gray Mallets
  • Dimensions :Each Chime is 4” in Diameter

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Shipping: Freight