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Cadence Marimba

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Introducing the Cadence Marimba, a remarkable addition to commercial-grade playgrounds that harmoniously blends music and play. With wide, coated fiberglass keys delivering deep, vibrant tones reminiscent of wooden instruments, it creates an earthy and percussive soundscape. Featuring 13 notes in a C Major Pentatonic scale, this eco-conscious marimba boasts a resonated base made entirely of recycled plastic, ensuring both durability and environmental responsibility. Suitable for all ages, it fosters creativity with two included mallets. Transform your playground into a musical wonderland, where the warmth of music meets the durability of innovation. Choose the Cadence Marimba to inspire joy and harmony in your community.


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    Cadence Marimba

    Commercial Outdoor Playground Musical Instrument

    Elevate Your Playground with the Cadence Marimba: Where Music and Play Unite!

    Immerse your commercial-grade playground in the enchanting world of sound and rhythm with the Cadence Marimba. This extraordinary musical instrument promises to transform your park into a vibrant, harmonious, and eco-friendly space that both children and adults will adore.

    A Musical Wonderland

    The Cadence Marimba is no ordinary playground equipment. Its wide, coated fiberglass keys produce deep, vibrant tones that resonate through the air, filling your park with the magic of music. With 13 distinct notes and a C Major Pentatonic scale, it offers an earthy and percussive tonal quality, reminiscent of traditional wooden instruments.

    The Warmth of Wood, the Durability of Fiberglass

    While the Cadence Marimba captures the warm timbre of wooden instruments, it boasts the durability of coated fiberglass. This material ensures that your marimba will stand the test of time, even in outdoor settings. Whether under the sun or rain, the Cadence Marimba will continue to enchant your visitors with its rich, resonant sounds.

    Rugged and Green

    We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why the Cadence Marimba is designed with eco-consciousness in mind. Its resonated base is crafted entirely from reinforced recycled plastic, making it both rugged and green. This means you’re not only providing a source of joy for generations to come but also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

    For All Ages

    The Cadence Marimba is designed to be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Whether it’s children discovering the joy of creating music for the first time or adults reminiscing about the magic of childhood, the marimba brings people together through the universal language of music.

    Two Mallets, Endless Creativity

    Included with the Cadence Marimba are two black mallets with an 80 Durometer rating. These mallets allow players to explore the full range of the marimba’s melodic possibilities. Whether you’re striking the keys with precision or experimenting with playful rhythms, the Cadence Marimba encourages creativity at every touch.

    Transform Your Park

    Imagine the smiles and laughter that will fill your park as children and adults alike discover the Cadence Marimba. Its dimensions of 47-3/8”W x 49”H x 26-1/2”D ensure it can fit seamlessly into your existing playground layout. Watch as your park becomes a haven for creativity, where music and play unite to inspire and delight.

    A Symphony of Possibilities

    The Cadence Marimba is more than an instrument; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and connect. It fosters a love for music, encourages imaginative play, and celebrates the beauty of our planet. It’s a symphony of possibilities waiting to be discovered in your commercial-grade playground.

    Elevate your park with the Cadence Marimba and let the enchanting melodies of childhood dreams come to life. Enrich your community with the magic of music, and watch as your playground becomes a place of harmony and inspiration. Choose the Cadence Marimba today and let the music play on in your park!

    **Shipping included in the Price**

    • Style: Marimba
    • Tonal Quality: Earthy/Percussive
    • Notes: 13
    • Resonated: Yes
    • Key/Scale: C Major Pentatonic
    • Range: Bass/Tenor
    • Mallets: 2 Black (80 Durometer)

    Material: Coated Fiberglass

    Shipping: Freight