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8′ Fallen Tree Playground Balance Beam

ASTM F1487-11ADA CompliantIPEMA Certified

The 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam is an engaging playground feature, designed to resemble a real fallen tree, complete with realistic wood and bark details. Suitable for children aged 5 to 12, it provides an exciting obstacle for practicing balance, enhancing coordination and confidence. The slightly uneven design adds to the challenge, while the rugged bark surface ensures proper grip. Constructed from durable glass fiber reinforced concrete, the beam can support children across its 8-foot length without cracking. Installed with the right safety surfacing, it promises not only fun but safety, making it an attractive addition to any play area.


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    8′ Fallen Tree Commercial Playground Balance Beam

    Commercial Playground Balance Beam

    Introducing the 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam, a captivating and functional addition to any playground that promises to enchant and challenge children aged 5 to 12. This balance beam is not just a play tool; it’s a work of art that blends creativity with function to offer an experience that’s both enjoyable and developmental.

    Step into Nature’s Playground
    Designed to look exactly like a fallen tree, our balance beam transports children into a world of natural wonder. The beam is detailed with incredibly realistic wood and bark textures, offering a multisensory experience as children walk, balance, and explore. Its clever design, slightly wider and higher on the tree stump side, not only enhances its resemblance to an actual tree but also adds an intriguing level of difficulty, challenging children’s balancing skills.

    Balance, Coordination, and Confidence Building
    Balancing on the 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam isn’t just fun; it’s a skill-building exercise that enhances children’s balance, coordination, and self-confidence. The engaging design invites kids to practice and master their balancing abilities in a playful and supportive environment. With each step, children learn control, focus, and determination, cultivating valuable life skills.

    Safety and Durability
    Constructed from glass fiber reinforced concrete, this balance beam is sturdy and durable, supporting children as they walk across its impressive 8-foot length without the risk of cracking. The rugged bark surface is designed to give just the right amount of traction, aiding children’s grip as they traverse the beam. The maximum height of the structure is 16 inches, and when installed with proper safety surfacing, it becomes a safe and exciting playground feature.

    A Playground Centerpiece
    The 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam is not just a playground equipment; it’s a statement piece. Its natural appearance and artistic craftsmanship turn it into a playground centerpiece, captivating children’s imagination and curiosity. It’s more than a balance beam; it’s an adventure waiting to happen, a challenge to be conquered, and a space where friendships blossom.

    Why Choose the 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam?
    – Authentic Experience: Designed to resemble a fallen tree, it adds a touch of nature to any play area.
    – Skill Development: Enhances balance, coordination, and confidence through play.
    – Quality Construction: Made from glass fiber reinforced concrete, ensuring longevity and safety.
    – Creative Play: Encourages imaginative and physical play, suitable for children aged 5 to 12.
    – Safety Focused: The rugged surface assists grip, and the beam is designed for use with proper safety surfacing.

    Enhance your playground with the charm and challenge of the 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam. Let children embark on a journey of discovery, balance, and fun as they explore this beautifully crafted piece. Its natural design, quality construction, and engaging features make it an excellent investment for schools, parks, and community centers.

    Experience the magic of outdoor play with a touch of nature. Choose the 8-Foot Fallen Tree Balance Beam, where imagination meets skill, and play meets development. Bring joy, adventure, and learning to your playground. Let the balancing begin!

    Weight: 650 LBS
    Age Group:2 to 12 years
    Child Capacity:12
    Use Zone Length (ft):21
    Use Zone Width (ft):14
    Timbers Required:18
    • Weatherproof Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
    Shipping: Freight