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14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle

The 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle is a space-saving marvel designed to fit snugly against walls, counters, or fences, making it ideal for small areas. Despite its compact size, it offers effortless waste disposal with a rigid liner for easy trash bag changes. The sleek black frame and a choice of seven UV-protected side plank colors ensure it’s not just functional but stylish. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this receptacle combines form and function, making it perfect for businesses optimizing space, facilities with small areas, or homeowners looking for convenient and stylish waste management solutions. Experience tidiness in tight spaces with this efficient and stylish receptacle.


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    14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle

    Commercial Outdoor Trash Receptacle

    Introducing the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle: Where Space Meets Functionality in Tidying Up Small Spaces!

    In the world of waste management, the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle shines as a symbol of efficient use of space, convenience, and functional design. These receptacles aren’t just pieces of playground equipment; they are the solution to keeping tight spots clean and clutter-free.

    Space-Saving Brilliance:

    The 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle is ingeniously designed to snugly fit against walls, counters, or fences. Its compact footprint, taking up just about 2 square feet, is perfect for small spaces where maneuvering around sharp corners is a concern. Say goodbye to bumps and bruises – this receptacle is here to make your life easier.

    Effortless Waste Disposal:

    Despite its modest size, this receptacle doesn’t skimp on features. It includes a rigid liner to hold trash bags, ensuring effortless emptying. Keeping your small spaces tidy has never been so simple and space-efficient.

    Stylish and Versatile:

    With a frame and top in sleek black, and side planks available in seven UV-protected colors, the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle is not just functional but also adds a touch of style to your surroundings. Choose the color that complements your decor and enjoy both form and function.

    Why Choose the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle?

    1. Space Efficiency: Designed to fit snugly against walls and in small spaces.

    2. Effortless Disposal: Comes with a rigid liner for easy trash bag changes.

    3.Stylish Design: Sleek black frame and a variety of color options for side planks.

    4. Versatile Use: Perfect for a wide range of spaces, from counters to fences.

    Elevate Small Spaces with the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle:

    Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your tight spots into organized and clutter-free areas. Whether you’re a business owner trying to make the most of every inch of space, a facility manager aiming for convenient waste management in small areas, or a homeowner looking to keep things neat and stylish, these receptacles have got you covered.

    Experience the space-saving brilliance, effortless disposal, and style of the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle for yourself. Contact us today to place your order and embark on a journey to elevate your small spaces with a receptacle that offers both functionality and style. Welcome the 14 Gallon Half Round Receptacle into your space and watch how it becomes the key to tidying up compact areas with ease and elegance!

    • Planks and Frame: Composite / Recycled Plastic, HDPE Sheet 
    • Hardware: Stainless Steel

    Shipping: Freight