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Music Instruments & Music Panels

Looking to enhance your commercial playground areas with outdoor play panels and outdoor musical instruments? You're in luck! Our wide selection of these products is currently in stock and ready to ship in just 3-5 days. Our outdoor play panels offer interactive and educational experiences, promoting sensory development and imaginative play. Additionally, our outdoor musical instruments provide children with a creative outlet for expression and musical exploration. With quick shipping turnaround, you can quickly revamp your playground and create a dynamic and engaging play space for children. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your commercial playground areas with our high-quality outdoor play panels and outdoor musical instruments.

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  • Simple Bongo Drums Commercial Playground Music Primary PMC001P 2

    Bongo Drums Playground Musical Instruments

  • Glockenspiel Commercial Playgorund Music Primary PMC003P 2

    Glockenspiel Playground Musical Instrument

  • Rhythm Group of Three Primary 1000x707

    Rhythm Group of Three Musical Instrument

  • Free Play Drum Beats Panel Commercial Playground Music Primary PFS001P

    Drum Beats Activity Panels

  • Percussion Panel with Post Commercial Playground Panel Primary PFS006P

    Percussion with Posts Activity Panels


Playground Instruments for Musical Playgrounds

In Stock Outdoor Musical Instruments Drop Shipped

Elevate your playground experience with In Stock and Quick Ship Playground Instruments from Pro Playgrounds. We offer a diverse selection of outdoor musical instruments, including bongo drums, xylophones, chimes, and more, designed to bring joy and creativity to your playground area. Crafted from commercial-grade materials and backed by industry-leading warranties, our musical playground equipment is built to last a lifetime. With fast shipping and drop-shipping options available, you can have your musical instruments delivered straight to your park or playground in just a matter of days.

Enhance Play with Musical Playground Equipment

At Pro Playgrounds, we understand the power of music in play. That's why we offer a variety of outdoor musical instruments designed to engage children's senses and foster creativity. From the rhythmic beats of bongo drums to the melodic tones of xylophones and chimes, our playground instruments provide endless opportunities for musical exploration and expression. Whether installed individually or as part of a larger musical playground, our instruments add an exciting and interactive element to any play space.

Commercial-Grade Outdoor Instruments Provide Durability

Our In Stock and Quick Ship Playground Instruments are constructed from durable, commercial-grade materials to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Designed to withstand heavy play and harsh weather conditions, our instruments are built to last and provide years of enjoyment for children of all ages. With industry-leading warranties, you can trust that our musical playground equipment is built to stand the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable addition to your playground area.

Quick Ship Playground Instruments for Immediate Enjoyment

With our In Stock inventory of playground instruments, you can enjoy fast shipping and quick delivery to your park or playground. Our efficient drop-shipping process ensures that your musical instruments are delivered straight to your doorstep in just a matter of days, allowing you to start enjoying them right away. Whether you're looking to add a single instrument or create a complete musical playground experience, our quick ship options make it easy to enhance your play space in no time.

Create Musical Playgrounds with Pro Playgrounds

Pro Playgrounds is your trusted source for high-quality outdoor musical instruments and playground equipment. With our diverse selection of instruments, including the renowned Freenotes Harmony collection, we make it easy to create a musical playground that inspires creativity and fosters social interaction. Whether you're designing a new playground or upgrading an existing one, our musical instruments add a unique and engaging element that children will love. Explore our inventory today and bring the joy of music to your playground area with Pro Playgrounds.

Transform your playground into a musical oasis with In Stock and Quick Ship Playground Instruments from Pro Playgrounds. With our durable construction, industry-leading warranties, and fast shipping options, you can create a vibrant and interactive play space that inspires creativity and imagination. Whether you're looking for bongo drums, xylophones, chimes, or other musical instruments, we have everything you need to create a musical playground experience that children will love. Browse our selection today and start making music a part of your playground adventure with Pro Playgrounds.