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Fitness Equipment

Looking for outdoor commercial fitness equipment that combines durability and functionality? Look no further! Our metal fitness equipment is expertly crafted and powder-coated to withstand outdoor elements and heavy use. We offer a variety of options to accommodate 1-3 users, ensuring versatility and efficiency in your fitness area. From traditional exercise machines to innovative obstacle courses, our outdoor commercial fitness equipment caters to all fitness levels and goals. We also provide ADA accessible fitness equipment, promoting inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. Don't forget about our fitness equipment designed specifically for kids, encouraging active play and healthy habits from an early age. Upgrade your outdoor space with our top-quality outdoor commercial fitness equipment and create a welcoming environment that promotes health and wellness for all.

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  • Boot Camp Commercial Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Boot Camp Fitness Course

  • Captains Chair Mount Outdoor Fitness Station

    Captains Chair

  • Cardio Walker InGround Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (2)

    Cardio Walker

  • Chest Press Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (2)

    Chest Press

  • Chest Press Accessible Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (1)

    Chest Press Accessible

  • Chin Up Combo Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (3)

    Chin Up Combo

  • Chin Up Low Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (3)

    Chin Up Low

  • Chin Up Station Outdoor Fitness Station

    Chin-Up Station

  • Combination Course 2.0 Inground Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (1)

    Combination Course 2.0

  • Combination Hub Inground Outdoor Fitness Station

    Combination Hub

  • Compact Course Inground Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (1)

    Compact Course – Inground Mount

  • Endurance Course Mount Outdoor Fitness Station (2)

    Endurance Course -Inground Mount