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Rock Climbers

Looking for commercial-grade freestanding traditional rock climbers for your outdoor commercial playgrounds? You've come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of rock climbers, including rock walls, tornado climbers, and other climbers with rock holds. These climbers are designed to provide a challenging and exciting experience for children. Crafted with durability and safety in mind, our commercial-grade rock climbers are built to withstand heavy use and provide a reliable and engaging play structure. From developing strength and coordination on rock walls to navigating the twisting paths of tornado climbers, our traditional rock climbers offer endless opportunities for active play and skill development. Upgrade your outdoor commercial playground with our high-quality freestanding traditional rock climbers and create a thrilling and adventurous play space that children will enjoy.

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  • Two Panel Craggy Island Commercial Playground Climber Primary PCR013P 2

    Craggy Island Climber

  • Pixel Bridge Playground 1

    Pixel Bridge Play System

  • Pixel Cube Commercial Playground Climber

    Pixel Cube Playground Climber

  • Pixel Fallen Bridge Commercial Playground Climber 2

    Pixel Fallen Bridge Playground Climber

  • Pixel Fence Commercial Playground Climber 1

    Pixel Fence Playground Climber

  • Pixel Funnel Commercial Playground Climber

    Pixel Funnel Playground Climber

  • Pixel Half Zag Commercial Playground Climber 1

    Pixel Half Zag Playground Climber

  • Pixel Tower Commercial Playground Climber

    Pixel Tower Playground Climber

  • Pixel Zigzag Commercial Playground Climber

    Pixel Zigzag Playground Climber

  • 1 Panel Rope Challenger Commerical Playground Rope Climber 8

    1 Panel Rope Challenger

  • 2 Panel Rope Challenger Commerical Playground Rope Climber 1

    2 Panel Rope Challenger

  • Craggy Alpine Commerical Playground Rock Climber 1

    Craggy Alpine Climber