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Climbing Boulders

Playground Climbing Boulders bring active play and fun to any outdoor space. The small climbing Climbing Boulders are artfully designed from real rock outcroppings and hand painted to look and feel like sandstone. The Playground Climbing Boulders adds beauty and function to the playground or landscape and offer authentic climbing experiences. They appeal to all ages and help develop balance, strength and coordination. In addition, small climbing Climbing Boulders spark the imagination and invite creative play. Consider adding large and medium Playground Climbing Boulders to create an arch to add even more rock climbing and active play opportunities. Or combine several small climbing Climbing Boulders. Each playground Climbing Boulder is constructed of durable, weatherproof glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

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  • 3 feet High Boulder Climber Commerical Playground Rock Climber 1

    3-Feet High Boulder Climber Play System

  • 4 feet High Boulder Climber Commerical Playground Rock Climber

    4-feet High Boulder Climber

  • 4 Feet Boulder Climber Playground 1

    4-Feet High Boulder Climber Play System

  • Commercial Playground Boulder Climber with Slide 1

    Boulder Climber with Slide Playground System

  • casacade range playground climbing boulder with nets 3

    Cascade Range Playground Climber

  • Granite Boulder Large Commercial Playground Climber

    Large Granite Playground Climbing Boulder

  • Sandstone Boulder Large Commercial Playground Climber 2

    Large Sandstone Playground Climbing Boulder

  • Granite Boulder Medium Commercial Playground Climber

    Medium Granite Playground Climbing Boulder

  • Sandstone Boulder Medium Commercial Playground Climber

    Medium Sandstone Playground Climbing Boulder

  • Mount Hayden Commercial Playground Climber 2

    Mount Hayden Playground Climber

  • Mount Mckinley Commercial Playground Climber

    Mount McKinley Playground Climber

  • PikeS Peak Commercial Playground Climber

    Pikes Peak Playground Climber


Playground Climbing Boulders

Create Natural Playgrounds with our Playground Climbing Rocks

Create a natural playground wonderland with our playground climbing boulders. Crafted from fiber-reinforced concrete, our giant climbing boulders offer a rugged and authentic climbing experience that mimics real rock formations. Whether used individually or as part of a climbing course, our playground boulders are sure to inspire adventure and exploration.

Playground Climbing Boulders Mimic the Natural Environment

Our playground climbing rocks are designed to blend seamlessly into outdoor environments, creating a natural play space that encourages imaginative play and physical activity. Made from high-quality, durable materials, our climbing boulders are built to withstand the elements and provide a safe and enjoyable play experience for children of all ages.

Huge Selection of Playground Climbing Rocks

Explore our range of playground climbing boulders, including individual boulders as well as sets and pairs that can be used to create challenging climbing courses. Many of our climbing courses also feature rope activities, adding an extra element of excitement and challenge to the climbing experience.

Build Rock Climbing Parks

Transform your playground with our rock climbing wall playground features, perfect for adding a vertical challenge to your play space. Our rock climbing walls are designed to provide a safe and engaging climbing experience, promoting physical fitness and coordination.

Our Fake Playground Climbing Boulders Look Real

Our fake boulders for playground use are not only fun but also promote physical fitness and coordination. Climbing on our playground boulders helps improve balance and coordination, while also encouraging creativity and imagination. Our climbing boulders are a great addition to any playground, school, or community center.

Playground Climbing Boulder Installation Services

In addition to our playground climbing boulders, we also offer professional installation services. Our team of experts will ensure that your climbing boulders are installed correctly and safely, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your playground is ready for play.

Whether you're looking to add a single climbing boulder to your playground or create a custom climbing course, our playground climbing boulders are the perfect choice. With their durable construction, natural appearance, and industry-leading warranty, our climbing boulders are sure to provide years of fun and excitement for children. At Pro Playgrounds, we're passionate about creating playground equipment that inspires children to play, learn, and grow. Explore our collection of playground climbing boulders today and discover the perfect addition to your outdoor play space.