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Shade and Shelter

Shade and metal structures provide a safe and cool environment for outdoor activities. Whether it's a shade structure to cover a playground, or a shade structure for an outdoor eating area, shade and metal structures are a must have for the hot summer months. No outdoor area can truly be enjoyed when the sun is beaming down on you, making the area uncomfortable. Shade and metal structures create an outdoor environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but allows for more functionality. Shade and metal structures provide protection for children in outside areas against UV rays, and also help to keep playground equipment and other objects cool to the touch.

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  • hexagon commercial shade structures 2023 1

    Hexagon Shade Structure

  • all hip steel commercial shelter 1

    All-Hip Steel Shelter

  • custom commercial sail shade structure 1

    Custom Sail Shade Structure

  • custom commercial shade structure 1

    Other Custom Shade Structure

  • rectangle cantilever shade structure 2023 3

    Rectangle Dual Column Cantilever Shade Structure

  • hanging cantilever shade structure 2023 1

    Rectangle Hanging Cantilever Shade Structure

  • T cantilever shade structure commercial grade for bleachers (1)

    T Cantilever Bleacher Shade Structure

  • rectangle dual column umbrella shade structure 2023 2

    Rectangle Dual Column Umbrella Shade Structure

  • single column cantilever umbrella shade structure commercial grade 2023 3

    Single Column Cantilever Umbrella Shade Structure

  • Hexagon Single Post Umbrella Shade

    Single Column Hexagon Umbrella Shade Structure

  • quad sail commercial shade structures 1

    Quad Sail Shade Structure

  • sand dollar sail shade 2023

    Sand Dollar Sail Shade